What’s Selling in Vintage & Antiques [June 2018]

Hi there–I hope you had a nice weekend! On Friday my sweet husband and I headed up to my antique booth at the Gristmill to do a major rearrange. I’m doing whatever I can to shake things up and start making a bigger profit in my new booth. I did learn [happily] that July profits should be higher than this month’s. It’s been rough ever since I moved from my cute little spot upstairs to a larger (more expensive) booth downstairs. You’ll see what I mean in today’s what’s selling in vintage and antiques. I hope you find it helpful as well as interesting 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram [please do if you don’t yet!], then you know that we enjoyed a garden tour in the historic Schenectady Stockade on Saturday. It was a perfectly lovely day to be outside with a special someone, peeking into delightful gardens. Sunday we spent with our church family, followed by quality naps. But enough about me, let’s get to some of those vintage sales.

What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques June 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.com

Antique Booth Vintage Sales

Small Yellow McCoy planterA small yellow McCoy planter in kind of rough shape (cost: 50¢, sold: $3). McCoy pottery, which operated out of Roseville, OH, used this mark from 1940-2001, so it can be hard to date pieces. The McCoy Pottery Collector’s Society website contains loads of great info.

Antique Textile SpoolsThe last two of these mercantile spindles (two on the right) sold (cost: 75¢ each, sold: $6 each).

adirondack candleholderAn Adirondack-style candle holder (cost: $1, sold: $8).

hand painted and stenciled magazine rackI gave this magazine rack a makeover a couple of years ago and it’s been in my booth for over a year, displaying coffee table books. It finally sold (cost: $1, sold: $25).

Jumbo Peanut Butter JarA Jumbo Peanut Butter jar sold at 50% off (cost: $1.50, sold: $9).

Vintage Autograph Book An 1920’s autograph book given to me by a sweet reader friend (Debbi) sold for $10, marked down from $15. I wrote about the history of autograph books here.

Vintage pewter rimmed platter upcycled into a blackboard
I gave this pewter-edged tray a chalkboard makeover a while back (cost: $1, sold: $18).

Simple Blessings coat rack This relatively recent Simple Blessings rack (a do-over from several months ago) sold quickly (cost: $1, sold: $28).

Sold but not pictured
Aqua eagle & stars toothpick holder, (cost: $1, sold: $12)
Books, (cost: 50¢ each, sold: $3, $6)
Radio Flyer Wagon (cost: $5, sold $25)
The Star Spangled Banner, Peter Spier (cost: $1, sold: $10)
Lighthouse painting (cost: 50¢, sold: $4)
White child’s folding chair (cost: $1, sold: $12)
Better Homes & Garden Cookbook, ©1972 (cost: $1, sold: $12)
Gray enamelware Pie plates, (cost: 50¢ each, sold: $2, $3)
Ironstone Teapot, $25
Small “eggs” sign, $8
Small basket, $3
Long fishing (trap) basket, (cost: $1, sold: $12)

Ebay Vintage Sales

Vintage Baby squeaky toyThe craziest things sell on Ebay! I can’t imagine why I picked up this c.1940-50’s squeaky toy, but it paid off (cost: 50¢, sold $14.99 auction).

Vintage Sewing NotionsThis is my third “lot” of sewing notions that I’ve sold on Ebay (cost: $1, sold: $9.99 Best Offer).

Thor DVD NIPBrand new in package Thor DVD (cost: $1, sold: $14.99 opening auction price). I purposely bought this DVD to see how it would do on Ebay. I’m very pleased with the result.

Vintage Blue Velvet Jewlery Ring Presentation BoxVintage velvet presentation boxes, especially those with buttons for automatic opening or edged with brass, as this one is, sell well on Ebay (cost: 50¢, sold: $14.99 opening auction price).

A Little Treasury of American PoetryA Little Treasury of American Poetry (cost: $1, sold: $11.99 Best Offer).

Flower Book: Where the Bee SucksWhere the Bee Sucks: A Flower Anthology, filled with lovely poetry and illustrations (cost: $1, sold: $8.93 opening auction price).

Antique glass and brass door knobA glass doorknob (cost: 50¢, sold: $9.94 opening auction price).

vintage konica cameraA Konica 35mm auto-focus film camera (cost: $2, sold: $16.99 opening auction price).

Petri 35 Color Film CameraA Petri Color 35mm film camera (cost: $2, sold: $66 auction).

Facebook Market Sales

Vintage sewing box for threadA vintage thread case that I bought for the beautiful vintage thread it contained. I sold the case separately (cost: $1, sold: $5).

DVDsA set of 25 DVDs sold for $15.

Nerf Strongarm guns
A pair of “Strong Arm” Nerf guns (cost: $1, sold: $20). I bought these specifically because I’d heard they tend to sell well on Ebay. Because they didn’t seem to be selling well there, I decided to list them on Facebook and was pleased with the results.

Also included in this month’s income report, you’ll see the income generated from the advertising company I’m signed up with (MediaVine). I’m including it in these posts because that income directly flows from writing about vintage and antiques here on my blog.

What's selling in vintage and antiques June 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.com

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What's Selling in Vintage & Antiques June 2018 adirondackgirlatheart.com

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    1. MediaVine is a company that I work with that places ads on my blog. The money I earn helps support the blog and allows me to publish posts like today’s 🙂

  1. I’d love to see pictures of your booth, before and after. Do you belong to Vintage Market Tips and Tricks? Lots of selling advice on their facebook page.

    1. I have been putting together a video of my booth (unfortunately, no before). I hope to finish it up soon 🙂 BTW, I joined the FB group–thanks for the tip, Mary!

  2. Loved that French-style magazine rack you redid. Surprised it took a year to sell!! – Karen

  3. Great things you sold! As usual, I am amazed at your thorough record keeping. I loved the ring box, the silly baby squeaky toy and the peanut butter jar. You are doing very well on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. I sold 3 things this week on Marketplace, making more money than my booth! I am definitely going to use that as a revenue source. I am still hesitant on eBay and Etsy, sitting at my computer and listing isn’t my forte, but I think I’ll add that to my skills. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I’ve been pleased with FB Market, too Laura, but I can’t say that I’ve definitively “figured it out” yet. I’m thinking about doing how-to posts on Ebay and Etsy. Is that something you’d be interested in?

  4. Hi Diana, Your statistics for June sales are very interesting. Sales were slow for you. I usually find summer sales are slow too, but that’s because people are out and about (and shopping at yard sales and estate sales) instead of shopping on-line probably. I must investigate selling on Facebook Marketplace….sounds interesting. It’s funny I don’t read a lot of blogs that have so many (annoying to me) Media Vine Ads, but they are everywhere. I would never stop reading your blog though….and it seems to have really saved your month income wise. Good for you.
    Hugs, Elaine Hopper, Fort Erie ON

    1. Facebook Market place is SUPER easy to sell on Elaine. It takes about 2 minutes to list something: photo, item name, price, description (optional), select FB groups to list in. Done. Maybe I’ll write a post about it…?

      You are so sweet to keep reading my blog even though I have ads playing! I’m hoping to modify them somewhat in the next few weeks to adjust where they are placed.

      You’re a true friend!

      1. Hi Diana, I think that’s a great idea to write about selling on Facebook Market. Do you have to ship the items or do the locals come and pick up their stuff? I do value your friendship too and would never abandon you because of the ads LOL

  5. We’re glad that Mediavine ad income is helping supplement your bottom line. As publishers with our own websites, we completely understand the sentiment that the reader above expresses in her comment. Ads aren’t everyone’s favorite. We know monetization through ads is a balance between user experience and income, and we would never sacrifice one for the other. However, we do believe that you should be dependably compensated for all your time and effort in your website.
    Let us know if you ever have any questions for us at publishers@mediavine.com.
    ~Jenny, Mediavine Marketing Associate

  6. Lots of variety in the items you sold. Good for you! I looked into selling on Facebook but haven’t taken the plunge yet.

    1. It’s by far the most simple of all the ways to sell (I think, anyway), simpler than Craiglist. It’s been good for the few months that I’ve been doing it AnnMarie. I definitely recommend checking it out 🙂

  7. I always love to see what sold (and what you paid). Since your stenciling instruction paid off, I splurged for another stencil today (AC Moore c/o). I am waiting to see if my downstairs, neatly organized booth does more business than my messy, upstairs booth. Glad the ads bring in $$! Everything is a help these days.

    1. That’s so exciting to hear, Kathy! I’d love to see one of your projects–so glad my instructions helped 🙂

    1. Hi, Kim–it’s a company that works with brands and bloggers, placing ads on blogs and paying the bloggers for the space. It’s a good company and I’ve enjoyed working with them!

  8. Wow. What great revenue you made with Mediavine! I need to get it in gear and start writing my blog (again)! Love seeing what has been selling in your area.

    1. Glad you liked the post, Tanya! Be sure to let me know when you start blogging again and I’ll follow you 🙂

  9. I think the Magazine Rack and Simple Blessing sign are great! There is a gift line out called Primitives by Kathy that are new signs and decor made to look vintage and they are pricey. Yours are so much better because the items are truly one-of-a-kind and you are saving the environment by upcycling. It’s true – Everything old is new again!

    1. I’m so glad you like my projects, Mark! And I have to say, I feel the same as you about being able to make unique and individual items using vintage. Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂

  10. Always enjoy your posts about what sold and for how much. My favorites this time are the made-over French-style magazine rack and the “Give Thanks” tray. Regarding Mediavine ads, I never see ads on your posts unless you are referring to the ones at the very bottom. Would it be possible that I have something set so I don’t see them? Normally, I have found them annoying on other blogs, but I’d put up with them if it helped you!

    Have a great weekend, Diana!

    P.S. I am still toying with the idea of having a booth at our local antique mall, so I’m grateful for all the information you’ve put together for folks such as I who are timid about diving into this venture. Thanks!

  11. So glad you liked some of my creations that sold Naomi 🙂 Regarding the MediaVine ads, there is one at the very bottom, two on my sidebar and a few right in my content. I’m not sure if you can set something so as to not see them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a way to do that.

    That blesses me to think that some of my info may be helping you to decide about jumping into the biz. Let me know if I can help in any other way!!

  12. Diana, I’m impressed with your ebay sales. I have just not had luck there and it’s not for lack of trying! However, I’m most impressed with your MediaVine ads. What a blessing! Thanks for your sharing at Vintage Charm.

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