Vintage Finds #5 & West Stockbridge (MA)

Hi there! While in the area on business, I drove through the small town of West Stockbridge (MA), about 45 minutes outside of Albany. The beautiful weather offered the opportunity to take a few photos and stop at a couple of garage sales, too. So today I’ve got some vintage finds to share along with some shots of historic buildings that caught my eye. Vintage Finds #5 & West Stockbridge (MA) adirondackgirlatheart.comThe first sale–a series of folding tables set up in front of a gorgeous red barn–seemed promising.
Garage Sale in West StockbridgeHowever, the best part of the stop ended up being the chance to take some photos of the barn. The one item I purchased, an oblong wooden tray, looks great in the center of my kitchen table. You can see how I decorated with it here.
Antique spice tinAt another sale, I picked up this shabby spice cannister. I love the mustardy color and the vintage look (cost: $1, sold: $6).
Vintage Scissor and letter opener with holderI thought this was really interesting–it’s like a knife box, but for holding a letter opener and a pair of scissors. You hang it on the wall and slide the opener and scissors in the slots (cost: $1, sold: $11.99 on Etsy 2014). 
Ceramic frameI think this simple, ceramic table frame will come in handy some day, and for another $1, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s very Lenox-like. Graduated shelf This isn’t the best shot, but I think you can make out the shelves in front of the pallet, right? It’s black and was on sale for $1!! The very bottom shelf needs some glue and a little support, but other than that, it’s perfect. 
West Stockbridge historic homeOnce I arrived in Stockbridge I couldn’t resist photographing some of the lovely old buildings.
West Stockbridge historic stone homeThis old stone house is stunning, isn’t it? West Stockbridge historic church I love the old white churches scattered throughout New England, and this one is no exception. A day like this, filled with sunny skies, historic towns, and great garage sales makes me feel very blessed.

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