DIY Farmhouse Chalkboard : From a Vintage Headboard

One of my favorite pastimes in the world is to take an old piece of furniture–that many might be tempted to simply throw away–and turn it into something truly beautiful.

And when it serves a valuable function, beyond just decoration, all the better! Today’s project, a DIY farmhouse chalkboard falls squarely in the latter category.

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How to Turn a Vintage Headboard Into a Stunning Chalkboard

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Buy a Vintage Head Board

Vintage White Shabby Chic HeadboardOne day last fall, I stumbled across these fantastic head and footboards at a local garage sale for THREE DOLLARS.

Not quite sure how I would end up using it, I quickly handed over the cash and stuffed it in the back of my van before some other junking queen could spot it, LOL.

Valspar Chalkboard PaintA couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to tackle the project and could easily picture the headboard as a statement piece chalkboard.

So I got out my Valspar chalkboard paint and went to town. Here’s a similar brand of chalkboard paint.

Tape Around the Headboard Frame & Paint

Vintage headboard with frog tape and chalkboard paint I protected the beautiful chippy white frame with frog tape and gave the central portion two coats of the chalkboard paint.

Stencil As You Like

Vintage headboard chalkboard After the paint had dried I decided to stencil the bottom portion with “Simple Blessings,” which I picked up at Scrappin’ Along. Here’s a similar one just in case. You can get my stenciling tips in this post.

I considered placing hooks along the bottom, but I have it hanging in a fairly narrow hallway and I didn’t want anyone getting poked by them as they walked past it.

Prime the Chalkboard

Priming the Vintage headboard chalkboard Before using your chalkboard, be sure to “prime it.” This is easily accomplished by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the entire surface of your board.

Then simply erase it and it’s all ready to go. In this photo you can see the chalk rubbed over the surface (right) and then erased (left).

Decorate Your New Chalkboard

Vintage headboard chalkboard with vintage quilt buntingTo add a bit of color to an otherwise very black and white piece, I tacked an antique quilt bunting to the bottom.

Vintage headboard chalkboard For the Easter season I drew the title of one of my favorite hymns: Amazing Grace.

Vintage headboard chalkboard side viewI hope your holiday was blessed with Easter joy and special times spent with family and friends.

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How to Turn a Vintage Headboard into a Stunning Chalkboard


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  1. Absolutely beautiful Diana. The quilt bunting is a genius touch. Took it to the next level. Thanks for sharing this project.

  2. oh, so sweet! what will you do with the footboard? I have been wanting to turn something into a chalkboard, but wondering what surfaces will the paint go on well? I mean….with some wood, there is texture that I thought might hinder a smooth use with chalk. Your thoughts on this ?

  3. Awesome project. I like the spot of color with the bunting added to the bottom. I really like the idea of coathooks on the bottom–if there was room. Amazing Grace is one of my faves, too! I often sing it in the car–alone! It’s not good to be tone deaf and love to sing; God likes a joyful noise; He didn’t saying anything about tuneful!

  4. Great idea turning an old headboard into a chalkboard. I’ve seen them made into wall hooks but I’m loving the addition of a chalkboard. Sorry to hear your going through a rough patch, Diana. Sending hugs from Canada! xo

  5. Love this….just beautiful. I took a lid to a OLD beat up treadle machine and did something similar.

  6. Not sure what’s going on in your life these days friend but that’s okay because I’m praying for you regardless. Hope you are finding the strength you need to weather the storm. And as for your masterpiece, I have to say I love it since I’m a fervent believer in upcycling and I love DIY chalkboards. This one is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

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