Vintage Finds from a Special Friend

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend. I enjoyed what I would call the season’s first day of garage saling–yippee! My sweet husband and I hit five garage sales, two estate sales, and one church sale. We whisked the largest purchase, a serpentine front, Federal style secretary, up to my antique booth, even though I just been there to restock the previous day.

I didn’t want to carry it around in the van for two weeks until my next restocking trip, so off we went. The style is not hugely popular right at the moment, but the glass fronted shelves will be perfect for displaying jewelry and valuable smalls because miracle of miracles, it came with a key. The drawers are equally perfect for displaying linens. I’ll have to take a photo next time I’m over there (cost: $45, value: $150-175).

Today I thought I share some of the vintage goodness that a sweet reader from Texas, named Frieda, sent to me over the winter. The box arrived, with perfect timing, on a day when I felt a little down about something or other. Her kind note and vintage trinkets went a long way toward cheering me up.

Vintage Finds from a special friend
This winking fellow (a large pinback) definitely brightened my day.

Don MacNeal Breakfast Club 1947 YearbookThe Breakfast Club (1933-1968) was a popular radio program featuring comedian Don McNeill, one of America’s first “talk show hosts,” who filled his program with humor, music, and audience participation (wikipedia). This yearbook contains highlights of the show from 1947.

National Airlines cards and matchesAirline “souvenirs,” especially those from defunct companies, are quite collectible. These playing cards, new in package, might sell for up to $10 each on Ebay.

Vintage Needlecase I have had very good luck the past few months selling groupings (lots) of vintage notions. I always like to include one or more needle cases like this one.

vintage needlecaseOn their own, they are slow sellers, even for just a couple of bucks.

Vintage Needlecases Mr. Piggly Wiggly only sells for about $4 on Ebay. A mixed lot, with ten or so items in it, will sell for $15-40.00 on Ebay, depending on the exact contents.

Disney Figaro Postcard My sweet friend Debbi, who also gave me a number of vintage finds a while back, gifted me a cookie tin filled with post cards. I’ll add this cute Disney one to the pile, which I hope to research soon. Figaro the cat, a character in Pinocchio (1940), is popular with collectors.

Vintage ScrapbookIn my special gift box, I discovered this scrapbook, filled with interesting old newspaper articles.

Newspaper announcing end of WW II
It also held the front page from two old newspapers. This one announcing the end of WWII and…

Newspaper announcing assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald…this one from a Texas newspaper reporting the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald. People saved so many copies of these sorts of newspapers that they don’t tend to have a lot of value, but they make for fascinating reading, especially for this JFK buff.

Final Fabulous Find: A mini pink princess phone, which I’m sure at one time decorated a key chain. It’s just a cute as can be.

Thank you again Frieda, my vintage-loving friend, for your kindness to me, both in words and gifts–they both mean so much!

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Vintage Finds from a special friend

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  1. What sweet gifts and a great pick-me-up! I love the needle cards. I have a few from my grandmother and aunt along with their sewing tins and precious button jars! I can’t get enough of the sewing notions and memorabilia!
    A question about the secretary, what would you have done if the key wasn’t available? Do you have a stash of keys for things like this?

    1. What precious heirlooms, Tanya! I have several mementos from my grandmother and feel quite blessed. I probably wouldn’t have bought it since the main reason I wanted it was to have a locked case for small valuables. Looking for a key to open it would be like a needle in a haystack, I think. Take care!

  2. Yes, that little princess phone was a key chain, I have a blue one! We used to use it as a phone when playing with our Barbies. 🙂

  3. That little pink phone brought back memories. I had a little lavender one just like it. And I, too, used it with my Barbie. Thanks for the memory!

  4. More creative ideas. TY. The forks are perfect for cards. Found your Pinterest page and got lost for an hour or so. Just what I needed.

    1. You’re so very welcome, Carla! So glad you found me and that it was “just what you needed,” that blesses me to know 🙂

  5. I love the little pink phone. I always keep the small keychains I find while junking. For years now I’ve had a small cowboy boot keychain on my keys to the Beast!

  6. What fun to get a box of vintage goodies. I had one of the blue princess phones from a key chain in my Barbie house, wish I still had it. Sigh!!

    1. It was SO fun Linda, and such a blessing, too. Maybe you’ll stumble on another one while out on a vintage shopping excursion…

  7. I particularly enjoyed this post, because it was fun to see one of the postcards I gave you featured. Yesterday was my birthday (another milestone) and your post gave me a nice little extra birthday present! Thank you.

  8. What lovely gifts to raise your spirits. I hit my first yard sale of the season this weekend, too. It was cold for that poor lady; I wished her a good day! I loved the little Barbie phone; I never had one.I used to collect tiny phones for a dollhouse friend and neighbor who had been a telephone operator way back! I could decorate a room around the colors in that Figaro postcard! It’ll appeal to Disney and cat lovers!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post, Kathy 🙂 I feel sorry for people holding garage sales in cold weather, too. At least I get to hop in a warm car once I finish my shopping!

  9. I still have a few of those Princess phone key chain fobs! I always wanted a real Princess phone but my mom never relented:( I also remember those smiley face pins! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. So cool that you still have some, Kathleen!–so sorry you never got a real one 🙁 Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  10. The scrap book reminds me of my grandmothers photo albums. She passed at 90yrs in 1994 ans those albums always make me wonder what time was like when all those photos were taken.

    1. I have a couple of my grandmother’s scrapbooks, which are also similar to the one Frieda gave me. My sweet grandmother passed at 89 in 1995. I’ve always felt very blessed that she at least had the chance to meet my sweet husband, even though she didn’t get to know him well. Good memories–

  11. Loved the share! That little princess phone was a Tupperware ‘gift’ for attending a home party! What a great memory!

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