10 Favorite Vintage & Antique YouTube Channels

We’re so blessed to live in a world where we have a phenominal knowledge base at our fingertips, that is, the internet. Today I want to recommend ten favorite vintage and antique YouTubers–most of them talented antique biz owners who share their knowledge for FREE through video.

Some I’ve watched for a while now and others I’ve only discovered recently. My last recommendation won’t be a big surprise, but you have to agree, I HAD to mention it, right?

Here they are in alphabetical order.

10 Favorite Vintage & Antique Youtube Channels

The Bonafide Hustler

The Bonafide Hustler YouTube Banner

Chris, who you can catch at The Bonafide Hustler, reports on his thrift store and garage sale excursions, chronicaling the items he finds to sell from his antique booth and on ebay.

I always recommend tapping into what guys like to buy and sell. Their interests tend to be so different from mine. They often deal with big ticket items, like sports and hunting related merchandise, so it’s a good way to expand your knowledge base.

Crazy Lamp Lady

Crazy Lamp Lady YouTube Banner

Jocelyn is an avid thrift store and antique mall shopper who can be found at the Crazy Lamp Lady. She sells full-time on ebay as well as from a booth, along with her partner, Andrew. Their baby Lauren, who can be seen on some of her shopping trips, is a cutie.

With expertise in all kinds of glass and ceramics, Jocelyn is fun to watch, and I always learn something new from her videos.

The Cult of Vintage

The Cult of Vintage YouTube Banner

Michael from The Cult of Vintage shares his shopping adventures at thrift stores, antique malls, and yardsales for resale. He has a mellifluous (that’s a $10 word) voice that makes him easy to listen to.

He also has an understated sense of humor that I enjoy. Upon picking up a wind-up robot that started to move in his hand, he said, “Okay sir.”

And then putting him back on the shelf he instructs him not to go “pushing his friends off the shelf.” And finally, he declared the robot to be a bit “caddy whompus” as it ended up resting a bit off-kilter. Made me giggle.

Junking With Lou

Junking with Lou YouTube Banner

Lou brings 25 years of vintage and antique experience to his videos, which you can find at Junking with Lou. You’ll join him as he shops thrift stores, antique malls, and other antique venues to buy for his two antique booths–one in Ohio, the other in Michigan.

Get a peek at his antique booth in the Maumee Antique Mall in Ohio.

Lady Mary Beth

Lady Mary Beth Youtube Banner

If you enjoy exploring ways to decorate with vintage and antiques, then Mary Beth from Lady Mary Beth is one to follow. While shopping at Goodwill and antique shops, she shares decorating and gift ideas for the various items she comes across.

Her voice and pacing remind me of Martha Stewart, and she’s similarly knowledgable about all things vintage and antique.

Laura Caldwell

Laura Caldwell YouTube Banner

Laura Caldwell buys and sells beautiful MCM and Boho vintage and antiques. As a vibrant young seller, she is a pleasure to watch as she takes viewers on trips to thrift stores and antique malls.

I always pick up good info from her videos, since I tend to focus primarily on farmhouse style items.

Old Curiosity Shop

Old Curiosity Shop YouTube Banner

Scott, at Old Curiosity Shop creates videos covering his thrift store shopping adventures and along the way he provides background on pieces he comes across.

For example, in one video he found a few pieces of late carnival glass and explained how they’re different from early carnival glass. Since the latter is much more valuable and sought after, it’s good to learn the difference.

He’s somewhat of an expert on glass from the 1920’s to 1960’s.

Thrifter, Junker, Vintage Hunter

Thrifter, Junker, Vintage Hunter YouTube banner

Misty at Thrifter, Junker, Vintage Hunter owns her own antique shop and in addition sells on What Not and eBay. She sources her merchandise at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, and estate sales, and shoots video as she goes.

She is full of personality and fantastic glasses 🙂

Thrifting Vegas

Thrifting Vegas YouTube Banner

Tiffany, the YouTuber behind Thrifting Vegas, shops for antiques at thrift stores, garage sales, discount stores, and estate sales. She then sells her vintage finds on eBay, Poshmark, What-Not, and Offer-Up. What a busy gal!

You can follow along with her as she shops and shares her finds. Be sure to check out her YouTube shorts where she provides antique seller tips, especially related to cleaning.

An added treat: Tiffany hails from the UK and has a lovely accent that makes me feel warm and squishy; we lived in Derby, England for two years and miss it terribly.

Adirondack Girl @ Heart

I couldn’t talk about interesting and helpful YouTube channels without mentioning my own, could I?

You can find an assortment of videos on my channel covering vintage finds on topics like books and farmhouse, along with detailed videos on very specific categories of collectibles like baskets and Pyrex.

In the latter type I provide historic background, identifying details, and a number of examples. I feel confident that you’ll enjoy them(!).


I hope you learned about some new-to-you vintage and antique YouTube channels today that can help you grow your antique knowledge base. Let me know in the comments about any channels that you love and would recommend to others.

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Discover 10 Vintage & Antique YouTube Channels for Antique Lovers

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  1. Nice! I will be watching some new YouTube videos! I like Crazy Lamp Lady but she does glass and breakable items which I do not source. Her friend Dagny has a channel Flying Pig Thrift. It is fun when they shop together! For jewelry, I recommend Funky Pickle Thrifter. Also for jewelry, I just discovered Olive’s Vintage Market. Not many videos but extremely knowledgeable.

  2. I follow all but two of these resellers. They all provide such good info! I’ll check out those new to me. I enjoyed this article. Thanks, Diana!

  3. The Antique Nomad has the most amazing knowledge bank covering all kinds of items from the more common place to the most obscure. And he is totally generous with sharing all that knowledge. Plus George is a real character! Highly recommend.

  4. hello lovely lady,
    Another great newsletter. I have been following you for a long time ever since my collecting madness started. I remember how nervous you were on your first video. Back In 2013 life turned into a nightmare when my husband left me with 250,000 euros debt. I had to go into a debt program. I have no idea how you call that in USA. But long story short, I was not able to spend any money on anything nice. With 2 small kids the thriftstore became my go to. For money I sold some vintage and jewelry my parents owned when they were alive still. Wanting the best price, I started to do research. Well, that was the beginning of the….end? No it was the beginning of a new hobby, obsession, love.

    Now, debt free and a room full of things I love.

    Ready to start a new adventure on different platforms. I hope you can advice me on something. What would be smart for me to source, collect and sell from here in Holland to put on Ebay and sell abroad? I love Vintage, antiques, silverware, xmas items, kitchenware, collectabes, mini perfumes, books, toys, etc.

    We do not have yard sales here which is my biggest frustration. We are not allowed to do so without permission from the City Hall. Stupid right? Estate Sales? Nope, only when it is a mansion or very wealthy people. We do have a lot of thrift-stores, flea-markets, auctions.

    My wish for the Goodwill bins and “jewelry jars” has not come true yet. ha ha. I watch, follow alot of you tube thrifters, resellers, auction sites, Salvage Hunter and look on all the Selling platforms for info. It would be so helpful to know what America would like from Holland.

    Thank you for all you do and for taking the time to read my mail.

    love from
    Xandra Zittema
    have a great day

    1. So sorry for the delay Xandra and thanks for sharing your back story with us. I’m glad you’ve landed on your feet after such a difficult trial. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to advise you regarding what Americans might be looking for in the way of antiques from Holland. One thing I know is that we have quite a lot of wooden shoes and delftware on the market, via the souvenir market. Perhaps asking your question in my FB group (Your Vintage Headquarters) and providing some examples would be a good place to start. I’m not sure what you might have to offer from Holland, i.e., we need to be educated, I think.

  5. Hi Diana! Thank you for the recommendations. I will check them out because I love to watch and learn ! A YouTube personality that I recently discovered and love is The Antique Nomad. He travels around the country collecting and then goes to big sales and sells. He is a wealth of information about everything antique and vintage. He knows a lot! Enjoy 🦋🌞😁

    1. You’re the second one to recommend the Antique Nomad Nancy Jeanne–he must be good. I look forward to checking him out 🙂

  6. I have only seen the Antique Nomad several times,but he is very knowledgable. The Niche Lady was a mentor for Tiffany, Thrifting Vegas. Sherry from Canterbury Cottage, takes thrift store pieces and turns them into beautiful things–I love a combo of crafting and vintage. And Lady Mary Beth finds treasures for pennies! I enjoy crocheting or hand crafting while I’m YouTubing! I also follow Mikey Bags of Money, Sonny Las Vegas, and the Desert Mermaid; they had booths in the Niche Lady’s thrift store but are now out on their own. The are not just vintage, though. Guys are knowledgable about so many things I know NOTHING about–electronics, video games, sports clothes, etc. I learn a bit from everyone!

    1. I agree, there’s so much to learn from guys as their interests are often so different from my own. Thanks for sharing some of your faves with us Kathy!

  7. I have only recently begun watching thrifting videos. I’m in Australia and things are somewhat different here so I didn’t really think it would be useful. But I find I enjoy them and I do learn a bit. You’re right about meeting different ideas and purchases and likes and dislikes and prices. Kicks you out of your comfort zone. Actually I think I started with your videos and stuff and I’m still keeping up with you. I have now watched most of the people you recommend and I have to say you should have have put yourself much further up the list. I think you are one of the most enjoyable. Others I have fallen over are Flea Market Rescue and Bat Thrifty Crazy. Can’t remember the names of the hosts. One has a very funny cat.

    1. Hi Carolyne! I’m so glad you’ve found my suggestions helpful. Your kind thoughts on my videos are very much appreciated! I didn’t consciously put the list in order of preference, but rather was trying to be a bit “humble” by putting mine at the end, LOL.

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