This Week’s Vintage Finds #92

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you stopped by today. I’ve got some pretty awesome vintage finds to share with you. Are you ready?

vintage canning jars in metal basket
Don’t you just love these half gallon canning jars?!! Pretty amazing, right? They are not easy to come by, yet I found them at a garage sale for just a dollar each (value: $10-12.00, center jar: $15.00 ). I’m pretty pleased with the wire basket they’re sitting in as well (cost: $1.00, value: $15.00).

dating Ball jarsUsed with permission:

I’ve encountered this chart floating around the internet; it’s helps with dating Ball jars. Mine fall into the 1910-1923 category as they have the underlining and the line preceding the “a.”

Interestingly, the number on the bottom of Ball jars has nothing to do with its age. It relates only to the particular mold that formed it, there being up to ten molds used at a time. Check out this article: How to Date Ball Jars for more insights.

vintage bottles
I’ve had success selling good condition old bottles from my booth at The Gristmill Antique Center, so I picked up these specimens and gave them a good cleaning. The greenish bottle on the left was converted to a water sprinkler (with the metal-topped cork) for ironing (cost: 50 cents, value: $6.00). The Mason’s quart canning jar should sell quickly (cost: 50 cents, value: $8.00).

vintage florida water bottle
The bottle in the center is covered with embossing: “Florida Water, Murray & Lanman, Druggists, New York” (cost: 50 cents, value: $6-8.00).

antique fred roshirt schocack landing bottle
The embossing on this neat bottle reads: “Fred Roshirt, Registerd, Schodack Centre, NY.” I liked it for its color and…

vintage bottle with zinc stopper
for its unique, zinc stopper.

seeds in vintage bottle
It is quite old as evidenced by the “seeds” found embedded in the glass. They are small seed-shaped air bubbles trapped in the glass during the manufacturing process.

green yellow ware mccoy sunburst bowl
By far the most exciting buy of the week-end was this McCoy “Sunburst” yellow ware bowl in almost perfect condition. You’re going to die when you hear what I paid for it an estate sale: $3.00!!! This beautiful 12″ diameter bowl is likely worth about $75-100.00.

green yellow ware mccoy sunburst bowl
Here’s a close-up.

bottom of green yellow ware bowl
Most American yellow ware isn’t marked. Check out this Yellow Ware article by the Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland website for more insights.

vintage squash pitcher
The brilliant colors and graceful shape of this small, majolica-type pitcher make it extremely attractive. Unfortunately, the small chip I found on the lip when I arrived home make it much less attractive(!) (cost: $1.00, value: $15.00 if no chip). The mark on the bottom is difficult to read, but I can make out “France,” written in cursive.

vintage sugar bowl
I bought this elegant, metal sugar bowl (no marks) (cost: $1.00) for decorative purposes.

vintage butter pat jackson china
Butter pats are a popular collectible, perhaps due in part to their small size–displaying them doesn’t take up too much room. This restaurant ware piece was manufactured by Jackson China (cost: 25 cents, value: $2.00).

marking on the vintage jackson china butter pat
The mark on the bottom of the pat.

vintage fisher price clock toy
This Fisher Price musical teaching clock (#997) (cost; $2.00, value: $15-20.00) may bring back a few memories for some of my readers. It plays “Grandfather’s Clock” with a steady tic-tock sound counting out the seconds in the background.

markings on vintage fisher price teaching clock #997
On the back of the clock you can find the copyright date (1964) and the item number (997).

vintage thermos
1950s aluminum insulated thermos (cost: $1.00, value: $10-12.00).

markings on vintage thermos
Markings on the bottom indicate that it holds one quart, and it’s item #2484.

strawberry bread board
With the current bread board craze, I thought perhaps I should pick up this strawberry-shaped version cut from maple (cost: 66 cents, value: $12-15).

clover bread board
I bought this clover-shaped board at the same sale (cost: 66 cents, value: $12-15.00).

butterfly bread board
Along with this butterfly-shaped one (cost: 66 cents, value: $12-15.00).

antique victorian hinges
These wonderful, antique hinges from the Victorian era came out of my rusty “box-of-amazing-wonders” I wrote about several weeks ago (Vintage Finds #87). I am slowly but surely rescuing items from “the box” and selling or repurposing them. If I were going to sell these, I would scrub them with a wire brush and rub them down with some mineral oil (cost: came out of a large, $6.00 box of junk, value: $15-20.00, depending on how well they clean up).

vintage christmas bulbs
These small, hot pink Shiny Brites, dating to about the 1950s, were a fun find. I’m hoping to use them to decorate a small white tree this Christmas (cost: $1.00, value: $10-12.00 for 15). I wrote a post a while back about Decorating with Vintage Christmas Bulbs.

vintage shiny brite ornaments
The tops are embossed “Shiny Brite, Made in USA.”

newer christmas bulbs
The lighter pink Santa and pine cone (in the background) are much newer bulbs, but they are well-made and will be fun to decorate with. For ten cents each, I couldn’t go wrong.

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  1. Diana, some really amazing finds! I keep copies of that exact dating chart for Ball jars with those I offer for sale (in a sleeve, for the taking). I like to give customers information. Another product you may want to look at using for metal smalls with rust: EvapoRust (Lowe’s, in paint section). It’s a soak, non-toxic, and may be less abrasive for your hardware. I’ve had fairly good success with it. Love your yellow ware bowl! Doesn’t it aggravate you when you get something home and it’s damaged? I’ll be traveling tomorrow with a treasure that I’m definitely carrying on, but still a bit anxious for its trip. Fingers crossed.

  2. I found your site somewhere a few weeks back and I’m loving dropping by to see your lastest treasures! I’ve gotten rid of most of my stuff as we’ve downsized along the way and I was yearning for a more minimalist lifestyle. But I always love to see someone finding a wonderful, much loved object.

    You do a super job sharing your excitement, displaying things clearly, and giving us interesting info!


  3. Ohhhhhhhh Diana , I love everything you found this week. Pink Shiny Brites on a white Christmas tree will be beautiful.

  4. What fantastic finds – the Ball jars in the wire basket – great styling! Love the green pottery bowl – a steal. Your rusty junk box – a deal.

  5. So many great finds, Diana! I especially love the thermos and the McCoy! I used to collect McCoy B.C. (before children) but now its all been put away. Yours was definitely a great score. I just saw that Mason Ball chart in either Southern Living or Country Living Magazine, they had an article about Mason jars. (Sorry I get both but not sure which one it was.) I have the big old blue ones with the battered metal lids, love em! Gonna have to round up all my jars and try to date them. They’re my go-to vases. You amaze me with how much stuff you amass in a week!

  6. Great finds, the jars are my favorite. I love it that you share so many resources in these posts too. I pinned the jar dating guide.


  7. Those old hinges are so cool! I just bought a few little bottles at a garage sale for 50 cents to $1 each. Love them!

  8. Wow….what finds! LOVE the Ball jars and the butter pat! I collect them too and they are hard to come by in my neck of the woods!

  9. Great stuff Diana. I love the Ball jars in the wire basket and thanks for the ‘dating information’. Wonderful buy on the green McCoy mixing bowl. The Victorian hinges are beautiful as is, but I know you want to clean them if you are selling them. They will be beautiful either way. Thanks for sharing your treasures and all the information that you give.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. I’ve been missing your posted since you got your new URL! I just so happened to see you linked up to a linky party.

    BTW… great finds!

  11. I would have bought everything I see. Love those ornaments and the rusty hinges. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  12. Diana, you scored big time this week! I was oohing and ahhing over every picture! I have a couple of those large bottles and they are hard to come by. Would love a wire holder like that. It is awesome! I saw that chart about the Ball jars and I had to check mine out. Had never really noticed how the words were slightly different before. I found it to be really interesting. I love the assorted ornaments and those hinges, oh my; how fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Great finds yet again. The yellow gourd pitcher is definitely from France. I have one just like it that I picked up at the Porte de Vanves in Paris. I have seen examples of that piece, in perfect condition, on sale for 45Euros to 55 Euros in Paris and the surrounding markets. I believe it is by Longchamp. Thanks for sharing more great finds.

  14. Wow, these are amazing! I love scouring thrift stores and estate sales, but have never come up with a haul like this! Nice to meet you on Something to Talk About and now following you on IG…

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