This Week’s Vintage Finds #88

Hi everyone! I’m starting to get acquainted with my “new” blog. For those of you who don’t know, I recently moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s gone fairly smoothly, but there’s a pretty big learning curve. I continue to have formatting problems with all of my old Blogger posts, but that is being looked into, and I have high hopes. Meanwhile, life in the vintage world speeds ahead, and I’m trying my best to keep up! How about we take a look at this week’s vintage finds?

vintage sheep cover

Of course, one can never pass up sheep, no matter the size or shape. All but one of the members of this little flock are composition, meaning they’re made from a plaster-like substance, probably in Italy and as part of a nativity set (cost: $1.00 for all, value: $3.00 each).

barnum & bailey sticks (500x334) - Copy - Copy

These small Barnum & Bailey advertising pieces measure 12″ x 3/4″ (cost: $1.00 for all, value: $3.00 each).

shell (500x474) - Copy - Copy
I never pass up a beautiful piece of natural history like this large conch (cost: 50 cents, value: $8.00). (SOLD)

vintage bird cage

Bird cages can be great “tools” to decorate with, even this extremely simple, antique one (cost: $3.00, value: $35–40.00). (SOLD)

vintage faux pearls

This pretty, double strand of faux pearls measures about 24″ (cost: $1.00, value: $15.00).

vintage lily pin (414x500) - Copy - Copy

After handling enough sterling silver, one can often identify it pretty easily, even amidst a pile of costume jewelry. It sits lightly in your hand and there’s a a warmth to the surface that you don’t find with non-valuable metals (cost: 50 cents, value: $12.00). It is signed “Sterling Silver” on the back.

vintage fisher price little people (500x342) - Copy - CopySome of you probably remember these cuties–Fisher Price little people. The wooden ones, like those you see here, are the earliest and most sought after. Sometime after 1986, when they were featured prominently on the cover of the book, Toys That Kill, their bodies were enlarged to prevent swallowing (of small parts, if disassembled). On eBay the most common versions, like the two blondies next to the African American cowboy, tend to sell for about $2-4.00 apiece.


The less common, like the cowboy, fireman, clown, & train engineer, can go for $5-10.00 or more. Check out: Little People, Big Fun: A Brief History. Available here.

vintage homemade tool box (500x342) - Copy - CopyI’m having trouble trying to decide whether or not to paint this large-sized tool carrier (cost: $2.00, value: $25.00). vintage juice jug (392x500) - Copy - CopyThese old prune juice bottles pop up fairly frequently. The shade of green is lovely and the sides are embossed with the words “Juice” and “Water.” The other two sides have embossed measurements. The lid is a bit cruddy on this one (cost: free, value: $5.00 due to cruddy lid). (SOLD)

vintage linen (500x333) - Copy - CopyI thought these sweet little embroidered floral arrangements would look lovely framed (cost: 50 cents, value: $10-15.00 framed).

vintage magazine rack (410x500) - CopyAnother painting project! I really like the shape of this magazine rack and can picture it painted antique white, perhaps with a graphic transfer on the front. Isn’t that level purty? I definitely do like my red levels. I’ve sold three or four in the past year and I have a couple up at the shop (cost: 50 cents, value: $8-10.00). Several hung together lengthwise, one on top of the other might make a great piece of wall art. This piece received a face-lift here.

vintage mirror (445x500)Mirrors are not just functional, but can really enliven a room by reflecting light and movement, and by enlarging the sense of space. This beauty measures about two and half feet in diameter (cost: $3.00, value: $30.00). (SOLD)

vintage oil painting (500x395) - CopySometimes all that a piece of art needs to make it shine is the proper frame. I’m not sure exactly what this little, almost black and white, painting needs, but this frame is not it. I’d love to just paint the frame black, but I don’t think that will quite do either (cost: $1.00, value: $20.00 in correct frame). (SOLD)

vintage tools (500x376)It’s not a good week if I don’t bring home some kind of “junk,” and I think these pieces qualify: a cruddy tape knife (for drywalling) and two very cool metal pieces. I think I’ll stencil “garden” on the tape knife and drill a hole in the handle to hang it by (cost: 50 cents, value: $12-15.00). The two industrial metal thingies will be scrubbed and rubbed with mineral oil (cost: 50 cents each, value: $5-6.00 each).

vintage horn knife setFinal Find: A set of small knifes, perhaps for appetisers, with handles and base made of antler (SOLD). Bob, the owner of the Gristmill Antique Center where I have a booth, always says, “Unique sells, and if it’s a unique antique, all the better.” I think this little knife set is pretty darn unique.

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  1. I’m glad your getting better with your new WordPress blog, everything seems to be working on my end now.

    You found some really great finds this week. I remember playing with the little fisher price people…. Seems like lots of things we played with as children should have killed us but hey look! We are all still here!

    I think painting the frame for that picture would make all the difference. Maybe just a nice white or grey?


  2. Hi Diana,
    Love all your found treasures. Love the little wooden FP fireman too. Too cute. Have a great day.

  3. All of your vintage goodies this week are wonderful especially the FP Little People and the sheep. I don’t think I would have passed up on any of these finds. sb

  4. So many great finds this week. I love the edger and the level. Great tool carriers too.

  5. Love your new blog look… I have always pondered over switching… will keep following your transition to see how painful it is! 🙂

    I need a couple of those FP people… I’ve been putting together a few sets and am missing some. Wanna make a deal? 🙂

    Love your finds as always and the great info and links you always provide!


  6. You found some wonderful things – but the sheep! I love them! Will they be headed to Etsy? Can they come live with me in Oregon?

  7. My Gosh
    you found some sweet items, of course love the sheep
    also the little people I still have all my daughters who is turning 40 next month

  8. Excellent job at finding treasure! The sheep caught my attention because they reminded me of the sheep from my childhood nativity scene. Thanks for sharing. I saw your link at the Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. I love the mirror and the tool carrier, I think I wouldn’t paint it, only because the wood looks in really good shape and the color is really nice. Loved seeing that green prune bottle, have never seen one before – the green glass is amazing!
    Lots of great finds, loved them all! 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Diana, another great haul! I love, love the sheep and would be interested in buying a few if you ship. I’ve had a bit of a sheep fetish the last few years. lol! I always bring home a bit of junk as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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