This Week’s Vintage Finds #85

Hi everyone! I’ve finally returned to the land of the living after a couple of days down with a bad stomach bug. Since the 4th fell on a week-end this year, there were not very many sales to attend. I had no desire to drive all over creation to hit the odd sale here and there. So my sweet daughter and I slept in. and then ran into two nearby sales that opened at 10 am. While not fantastic, we found a few items. We topped it off with a quick visit to Salvation Army and called it a day. But I also struck a small bargain with another dealer that I’ll tell you about. Here are this week’s vintage finds:
I made a trip to the Gristmill Antique Center where I rent a booth and ran into another dealer, also stocking her space. She had mentioned a few weeks prior that she had purchased some small Christmas Putz houses. I had said if she had any pink ones, I’d be interested buying or trading for them.
vintage japanese putz houses

She had them with her, so she grabbed them out of her car. They’re [obviously] not pink, but she thought they could be easily painted or glittered. She said she hoped for $2.00 each and she had her eye on something in my space marked $12.00. Would I trade? Yes! I love this little village.

vintage japanese christmas house

Aren’t they darling? I agree they’re a bit plain, but I don’t think I’ll apply anything permanent to change their appearance. I’ll be able to use them as is.

japanese christmas house vintage
I traded her a small motto ware dish from Torquay, England. I’m quite pleased with the “deal.”
mark on japanese christmas house
They were manufactured in Japan during the 1950s.
vintage crate shelf

This tall (or long, depending upon how you use it) crate/shelf is both charming and functional (cost: $2.50, value: $30.00).

vintage cupboard

I bought this small cupboard with the idea of painting it, but even as is, it has a pretty fun look (cost: $4.00, value: $40-50.00).

vintage hobnail milk glass pitcher

Milk glass does not typically sell very well for me, but pitchers generally do, so I decided to take a chance and buy this one when I saw it at Salvation Army (cost: $4.00, value: $20.00).

vintage wooden tiered server
This tiered server is another piece I bought planning to paint, but I’m enjoying its warm, woodiness (cost: $4.00, value: $35.00).
vintage tiered server of wood
Isn’t it pretty?
mark on wooden tiered server
It dates to about the 1960s and was made in Japan for a company called “Style House.”
antique books


Next up: some more books for you all. Are you bored with them yet?! This bunch was a real bargain. Each cost just twenty-five cents.
Combe's Physiology of Digestion book

The little red book on top, Combe’s Physiology of Digestion, has some great illustrations.

Under the Old Elms book

Published in 1895, Under the Old Elms, contains a collection of anecdotes about an estate in Newton (MA), “The Old Elms.” Many people of note, including Harriet Beech Stowe, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and chiefly, John Greenleaf Whittier (poet & abolitionist), visited the property and loved it.

This Week's Vintage Finds #85

Mary B. Claflin wrote extensively about Whittier in particular. The book opens with this beautifully pastoral poem:

Under the Old Elms
As if to music they had grown,
Stately and fair the elms uprise,
Their swaying shadows earthward thrown,
Their tops rejoicing in the skies.
What life and death, what love and pain,
What nights of gloom and days of gold,
Have passed beneath their leafy reign!
Yet still their ancient pride they hold,
Still tower o’er roof and slope and plain,
And link the new years to the old.


Floyd Clymer's Motor Scrapbook

This soft-cover book is filled with wonderful vintage advertisements and articles about old cars.

This Week's Vintage Finds #85
Here’s an example.
Printers and Printing book
 I find books about printing fascinating.
This Week's Vintage Finds #85

This one, published by Harvard University Press, may have some real value. I’m going to do some research on this one.

The History of the Theater

I’m attracted to small books of any kind, and Peter Spier, the illustrator, is a famous children’s book illustrator who I’ve always admired.

The Story of Porcelain

Another small book, this one contains lots of useful and interesting info.

Grandpa Nog and the Nimblies

Published in the 1940s, I found the title of this book intriguing and the illustrations delightful.

What vintage finds did you discover this week?


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Thanks for the feature, Kathy!

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  1. The Putz houses are my favorite. I can just imagine them with mixed in with some bottle brush trees. You found some great stuff this week.

  2. Great finds… and wow, you find great prices too! Four dollars for furniture! This past week we found lots of fun goodies… I think my favorites were the Christmas related items. 🙂

  3. The stomach bug went around here a few weeks ago…..glad you are recovered. I have been down with the sore throat/bad cough bug so I haven't done any thrifting. So happy to see your post with all your great finds to get my fix! We may be heading to Skaneateles this weekend so I am hoping to find some good stuff on the way.

  4. The books are always my most favorite of finds. Of course the cupboard is spectacular. I am still junk sober and have not bought a thing. This post is making weak – very weak.

  5. I love the putz houses! And the book about digestion! (I work in gastrointestinal oncology research.)

  6. Love all the books! The putz houses are adorable as is, great trade! Love the white cabinet also.

  7. LOVE that pitcher, the Putz houses and the old books! You have such great luck. I think I need to move to New York:) Glad you're feeling better!

  8. I am crushing on your putz houses. For years I have searched and searched for some here in my area with no luck so instead I started making my own versions and now I love them even more than the few originals I've found since. Your's look like they are in excellent condition.

  9. Those Putz house are adorable just the way they are. What a great trade! Your cupboard is so cute and a perfect small size. I think some different knobs is all it needs. Thanks for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. Hello! I saw this picture and talk about bringing back old memories. My gramma use to have this Christmas stuff in her village. Hmmmm wonder who got those in the family. Totally cool! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the memory… Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  11. I love seeing your vintage finds! And i love that you telll us the prices too!
    Glad you are feeling better., food poisioning is the worst!
    Have a great week!! ��

  12. I love the Putz houses Diana! I too, would not do a thing to them. That book with the intestines would make a great Halloween vignette. I think you scored well and I'm glad that you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. You always find the neatest and best pieces when you are out – the Putz houses are my favorite. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

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