This Week’s Vintage Finds #34

Hi everyone! Saturday morning my sweet husband and I went garage saling together–again! After our last trip together (Vintage Finds #33 in Nassau) I’ve taken to calling him my Good Luck Charm, which he eats right up. It seems that every time he accompanies me, we find at least one fantastic sale, and so far, it’s been the first sale of the day each time. This past Saturday was no exception. Let’s take a look at some of my finds, shall we?
This Week's Vintage Finds #34
While I don’t decorate my home in French style, I find myself very drawn to it. Many of the photos and blog posts that I promote on Facebook fall into the French country category. This antique print does as well. Isn’t it gorgeous?!
This Week's Vintage Finds #34

And there were two of them! I almost feel guilty about how little I paid for them. The one hanging on the wall lost its glass somewhere along the line. The frames are also antique; made of limed wood,  they suit the prints perfectly. And I thought the two statues fit right in. The wicker basket [conveniently] has a handle on the back for hanging. I popped some of my dried hydrangea inside–I might put it on my front door. The perfume in front is vintage Windsong. Perfume collectors love it when there’s some perfume left in the bottle.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

Isn’t she sweet? Look how she clutches a kitten with one hand and holds an ark and her skirt with the other. I love the swirliness of her hair, too. She appears to be made of chalk ware, probably copied from a larger piece in bronze. I will sell her for $40-50.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

This little miss in white bisque still has some pastel paint clinging to her. She is named “Summer,” and is likely part of a series of statues based on the four seasons. “JW” is incised on her back, probably the artist’s initials. She would also be a copy of a larger piece, though I’ve not been able to find out anything about her yet. I just love her dress and the fruity wreath in her hair. She will probably sell for $85 or so.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

This mid-century modern “collection” threw itself together. The Kodak Instamatic came in the off-white case behind it, along with a few cube flashes; the set should go for about $20-25. The coffee table book–Television: The First Fifty Years–was simply too cool to pass up, and vintage office supply collectors will vie for my taupe and maroon stapler and box of vintage staples. I will list the book for about $25 and the stapler/staples for $10-12. The darling plaid suitcase(?) would make a great picnic carry all or child’s suitcase. I’m not sure what it’s original purpose was. Anybody know?

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

I’ve not a clue what the tall board with the metal clip is. I think it would make a nice French bread board. In front are a couple of pieces of aluminum–the ladle and the finial-like thingy, which I find very interesting. The pretty plum/purple Staffordshire plate is a Virginia souvenir piece–in perfect shape. Thistles decorate the delicate porcelain vase to left, which I rescued from a free box(!).

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

I am madly in love with this antique painting–frame and all. The soft, muted colors of the still life work so beautifully with its limed wood frame. I’m not sure I can bare to part with it. It would go nicely in my living room or master bathroom. I’ll have to give it some thought.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

This plum/purple is a rarer Staffordshire color and as such will command a bit more 
than your typical blue or red/pink. I think this plate is worth about $20-30.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

A mini collection of small glass bottles. The woman I bought them from filled them with various herbs, as you can see. I just bought some air fern at a sale and I’m thinking I might put a fern in each, as a sort of mini-terrarium. What do you think of this idea?

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

These little guys are not in great shape, but they still exude vintage charm, don’t you think? Each of them has a couple of mercury beads and a chunky wooden base. I’ve never seen bases like these and wonder if they were part of a large Christmas putz scene, not meant to be seen or handled individually. Usually min bottle brush trees have little discs that their trunks are glued into. Check here for more info about 1950’s Christmas Decorations or How to Decorate with Bottle Brush Trees.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

If you tuned in to my blog over the week-end, then you know that I wrote a teaser post about a few of the items I had purchased. Here the billiard balls rest, all nicely washed and displayed, in a bowl, just as Audrey at Timeless Treasures suggested. Another commentor thought I should halve the balls and use them to make a clock, and another recommended drilling holes and inserting a hangers. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on the matter.

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

I also gave a sneak peak of this really gorgeous antique basket. I wish I knew more about it; I’ll certainly have to conduct some research. Those of you who know me well can imagine that I want to take a big bottle of Howard’s Feed-N-Wax and slather it on this poor, dried-out baby, but I’m holding myself back, just in case I should use something made specifically for baskets. It’s killing me to know how great it would look after a nice little bath in the stuff. I did brush it down with a soft bristle brush and removed lots of dirt and cob webs. Any info out there about this lovely piece?

This Week's Vintage Finds #34

Lastly, this vintage suitcase with leather trim. I didn’t realize until I got it home that it’s missing a handle! Silly me. I’ve seen old belts and heavy rope used to make handles, so I guess I’ll have to improvise. The navy blue satin lining and  pockets inside are in great shape. And that’s it for today!

See what I mean about my Good Luck Charm?!!
Are you interested in purchasing any of the items you’ve seen 
in this post or any other Vintage Finds post?
Readers often send me email messages letting me know about items they
are interested in. We work out the details, and I ship them the item.
This way my faithful readers always get first dibs, which is how it should be!
Bye for now,

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  1. Really some great finds Diana … LOVE, love that beautiful basket. I know what you mean by wanting to give it a bath in oil … I have one I would like to do that to also. That board may be a fish cleaning board. Clip on the end is to clip the tail.
    Glad you like my idea of displaying the billiard balls. They look really neat and so colorful. Thanks for the link-back to Timeless Treasures. You are so kind.
    Audrey Z.

    1. Hi Audrey 🙂 Yea, that basket is pretty great! Seems like everyone's agreed that it's a fish cleaning board–never heard of that, but it sure makes sense.

  2. I've been looking for a nice, flat, hard suitcase like that to make a table. No luck yet. Love the little terrarium idea for the air ferns.

  3. Lots of wonderful finds. I have a red plaid suitcase like your blue one and I love it. Mine was my Mother's and it was used for overnights or since it folds up it was an extra case for overflow! Does the blue one fold up?

    1. Hey there Linda! So good to hear from you. If it folds up, I can't figure it out–is there a trick?!

  4. Oh, Diana! I remember wearing Windsong as a young teen. And do you remember the song in the commercial? "I can't seem to forget you. Your Windsong stays on my mind." Now that song is playing over and over in my head. LOL. I love the French vignette. I don't think I could part with it, if I were you. The basket is fabulous. Love it. And what a great way to display the vintage billiard balls. How fun to find such wonderful items. You have a great eye. ~ Nancy

    1. Hey Nancy 🙂 Amazing how our teenage memories can come rushing back. Yes, I remember the song well–very romantic. Have a great week-end!

  5. I do love those vintage French prints, the colors are great! and that purple/lavendar transferware plate is very pretty, and probably quite hard to find. Love to see all your treasures every week!

  6. Wow, such wonderful finds – adoring the basket! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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