This Week’s Vintage Finds #129

Hi everyone! I had a super fun Saturday last week-end with my sweet friend, Nancy. We’ve been garage and estate sale buddies for over ten years, but have had to slow down the past two years because she went back to work. Sad for me, but great for her. So every now and again we’re able to meet up, and we always find some kind of vintage shopping to enjoy together. This time we hit one neighborhood garage sale and it kept us busy for hours. We both loaded up on some really great stuff. Very successful day all around. Ready to see some of my buys?

Vintage Rooster Silhouette Vintage Finds #129
I’m absolutely in love with this fellow–isn’t he grand? He was handmade a few decades or so ago out of plywood (cost: $5.00, value: $35.00).

Vintage framed botanical Botanicals are always popular (cost: $1.00, value: $25.00).

Closeup of frame
I especially like the frame on this one.

Vintage Gibson Girl print
This Gibson girl-type print is sweet; they tend to be popular as well (cost: $1.00, value: $20-25.00). It has a nice, dark oak frame.

signature on vintage gibson girl print
The artist, Jim Cassel worked extensively for Harper’s Magazine at the turn of the last century.

Victorian Flemish Art Pyrographic Two Girls
Here are two more pretty girls–Victorian era children, burned onto a piece of wood, a popular Victorian craft known as Flemish art (or pyrography). Hankie and glove boxes were quite commonly decorated in this style. This piece appears to be stand alone, meant for hanging perhaps (cost: 75¢, value: $10-15.00). Usually they came in kits with everything you needed to complete the project, including the design.

Three beautifully dressed Victorian children ice skating
More sweet Victorian children, this time on a Christmas candy or card box (cost: 50¢, value: $12-15.00). Available here. [I bought more Christmas but I’m saving it for a special Christmas in July post.]

You may be interested in my Christmas Price Guide
or my post about Collecting Christmas.

Genuine Vintage Fashion Fur Hat
This genuine fur, pillbox-style hat would be just the thing to wear for a day of ice skating on the pond (cost: $3.00, value: $35-45.00). Not sure if it’s mink? Rabbit?

Uhlig's Tag in Vintage Fur Hat
It retailed locally at Uhlig’s of Schenectady (NY), a furrier that opened for business in 1943.

Vintage Christmas cookie cutter box
After a few hours skating, perhaps when you arrive home mother will have some special cookies waiting for you (cost: 50¢, value: $6-8.00).

Vintage Christmas Cookie Cutters
So sad to learn that it’s missing the heart-shaped cutter. Sigh.

Vintage Subtraction Flash CardsAfter a snack, it might be time to practice your subtraction skills (cost: 50¢, value: $8-10.00).

Vintage Multiplication Flash CardsOr muliplication (cost: 50¢, value: $8-10.00).

Vintage Slide Rule with Case & Instruction Booklet
Or some other kind of math with your Keuffel and Esser (K & E) slide rule, c.1940s, mint in it’s original leather case with instruction booklet (cost: $2.50, value: $35-45.00). This could make the perfect Father’s Day gift for someone you love. (SOLD Jan. 2017 for $37.00)

Remember to mention Father’s Day 20% discount 
when ordering from my Vintage Blog Shop–good until June 19th!


Vintage Thermometer
Final Find: A Fee and Stemwedel temperature and humidity gauge with what I think is a Bakelite casing (sadly cracked at the bottom). Great industrial looking piece (cost: $1.50, value: $12-15.00, more if perfect).

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  1. Some lovely finds! I recently passed on a minty slide rule in a leather case, much like the one you found. Kicking myself now!

  2. That rooster is adorable and I love the Victorian children. My Dad and husband were both Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors and I am well acquainted with slide rules. I pick up vintage flash cards whenever I can.

  3. Great stuff as usual! The flash cards bring back memories, and the botanical is so lovely! I actually picked up a hat like yours at my local church rummage sale. Haven’t had the nerve to wear it yet, though:) xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  4. Love the artwork, and the pyrography box (didn’t know about those, even though I had picked them up and used them for gifts) is very special. Such great finds, thanks for sharing, Sandi

  5. Wonderful finds as always, especially the rooster! I have been finding some great vintage Christmas stuff too. It’s never too early!

  6. Great finds Diana! I love anything with graphics, so the cookie cutters and flash cards are my favorites. Love the pictures as well. I have a similar hat in my dress up box that once belonged to my Aunt Dorothy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. So many treasures, Diana! I just love that rooster and the sweet vintage Christmas box!

  8. love all of your finds so pretty can’t pick which I like the best maybe the hat or the painting both so cool quick question I’m trying to get ready to do an etsy shop how do you price your items is their a particular reference book or site you use plmk thanks for all the help

    1. Hi Lorraine! I’ve been selling antiques for over twenty years and have been learning values and pricing as I go. On my blog sidebar you can find some resources that might be of help. One is a small set of price guides that I put together and another is a list of online vintage resources. I also own a small library of price guides and other reference books that I’ve bought over the years. Two other great resources are your library and the book store (grab a coffee and a couple of books and do some research!). Hope that helps!

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