This Week’s Vintage Finds #125

Hi everyone! I mentioned last week that our area hosted five town-wide garage sales on Saturday. Amazing right? My sweet husband and I first drove to a local estate sale where we found several good buys, then drove north to a scrapbooking sale, and finally further north to not one, but two town-wides. Yeah, we filled the van (well, as full as you can get when you have a rather large country cabinet living in the back of your vehicle). We broke for a nice lunch in between the two town-wide sales, which made for a really nice day together. So, how about you, are you ready to see some of some vintage finds

Vintage Swan coverDespite coming from China, this graceful swan, made of some kind of natural fiber, has a great vintage look that made it well worth buying (cost: 50¢, value: $12-15.00).

Hand crafted feathery owlI came home with three bird-related finds, this fine fellow constitutes #2 (cost: 75¢, value: $15-18.00).

Vintage Turkey Covered Dish Bird #3, a covered turkey dish, was an exciting find, as many covered animal dishes are quite valuable. L.E.Smith Glass Co. manufactured these in a number of colors back in the 1940’s, and Martha Stewart sold reproductions (marked “S” on the bottom) in the 1990’s. Mine is unmarked, but I’ve been unable to find any other clear dishes with the turkey’s head painted red. Perhaps it’s extremely rare and worth thousands, or perhaps someone got creative and added the red paint themselves (cost: $2.00, value: $20-25.00 w/o the red paint). I will continue to try to gather more info.

Vintage Fenton Blue Milk Glass Ruffled Hobnail Vase If this week-end had a theme (other than birds) it was glass. I came home with several nice pieces, first the turkey and then this hobnail pattern, aqua milk glass vase by Fenton (cost: $3.00, value: $15-25.00). Don’t you just love the ruffle?

Fenton markFenton began using this mark on its hobnail in 1972 up, and continued to do so until they ceased making glassware in 2011, at which time they began crafting glass jewelry.

For more help dating your Fenton, check out this article.

Cranberry glass vase I found two pieces of this relatively modern cranberry glass at a garage sale and decided to pick them both up. Even though it’s newer (probably made in the 1990’s), the beautiful pink “cranberry” color can be hard to resist. In other words, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble selling it (cost: $1.00 each, value: $8-10.00 each).

Cranberry glass basketThese pieces are heavier, darker, and clunkier than older cranberry glass, which enjoyed a Victorian heyday.

Pontil mark on bottom of cranberry vaseThey are both hand-blown, as evidenced by the pontil mark on the bottom, likely by the Pilgrim glass company, in business up until 2003.

Applied handle on cranberry basketAnother sign of later manufacture: at the point where the handle meets the base, its shape is irregular and you can see an incised line slicing right across the glass.

You can read more about cranberry glass here.

Vintage Daffodil Cream & SugarThis cream and sugar set is a mystery to me. I’ve never encountered the pattern before and could not find any evidence of it online. The shape and feel of the glass says vintage to me, especially those curly cued handles (cost: 50¢, value: $10-15.00+).

Vintage Federal Glass Oven Ware mixing bowl This nice big batter bowl in milk glass may be a keeper. I have one like it in clear glass with embossed measurements on the side (a nice feature), but I’m really loving the milk glass (cost: $1.00, value: $15-20.00).

Federal Glass Ovenware markHere you see the “Oven Ware” mark with an “F” in the center of a shield; that is the Federal Glass Co mark. They made glass from about 1900-1980 in Columbus, Ohio.

Fenton carnival glass bowlI’ve handled one other piece of unsigned Fenton in this open edge, ice green carnival glass that I sold in my Etsy shop for $45.00. That dish had a uniformly ruffled edge that was prettier than this piece (cost: $3.00, value: $35-40.00).

Vintage Enamelware SpoonSome might call this unmarked enamelware spoon “avocado,” but I call it “spring green.” Love this color (cost: $1.00, value: $10-15.00).

You can more read about collecting enamelware here.

Vintage Paint by numbers horsesThis is the very first paint-by-numbers artwork I have ever purchased (cost: $2.00, value: $15-20.00). It is well executed, nicely framed, and fills a need since I’m stocking up on horse-related items to have on hand in July and August (track season in near-by Saratoga). Here’s hoping it sells.

Oil on Canvas Horse in a Field
Final Find: I bought this oil painting with track season in mind, too. I think the landscape is nicely done and the paint horse is sweet-looking (cost: $1.00, value: $35-40.00).

How about you–did you score any great finds this week-end?

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  1. Lots of nice finds. I can help you with one! The turkey is actually made by the Indiana Glass Company. They were also responsible for a majority of the “hen on nest” covered dishes. His head IS supposed to be painted red like that. When you see the chicken version of this you’ll see parts of their head painted red too. They came in a variety of colors too. Not terribly old, but the turkey is a less common than the chickens. Think you could ask in the $15-20 range. I generally sell the chickens in the $5-10 range. Hope this helps!

  2. Lots of fun finds, Diana…love the turkey…and the pbn and painting are always great finds!

  3. Diana, those are great finds! I really like the swan…surprised it’s fiber….looks like wood! And the horse pictures are good….I wouldn’t have known they were paint-by-number unless you told me, especially the first one. Surprised the 2nd one is worth more than the first one though!

    BTW, your photography is outstanding! Do you mind my asking what kind of camera you have? I’m in the market for a new one.

  4. You do find a wide variety of things. Do you ever shop the online auctions? We are downsizing and have one going on right now with It’s surprising and disappointing what is popular and what is not. It will accomplish one thing and that’s to jettison a lot of stuff as we move to a retirement community and much smaller quarters. Visit my blog (5/7 post) for more information on the auction.

  5. Sounds like a nice day together and lots of fun. My husband and I do that too atho by the time we’re done with lunch, we’re ready to go home and take a nap. LOL

    Love that aqua glass.

  6. what fun finds love all the hunting lately I’ve been finding boyd’s figurines/music boxes thanks for sharing have a great week

  7. You really got some special finds this week. My favorites are the cranberry glass because of the color. But the white mixing bowl is special.

  8. My goodness, you are always finding gorgeous stuff! I love the Fenton and the depression glass the most.

  9. I think you had a third theme going as well–COLOR! Lots of lovely color in this post.

  10. Hi Diana, What treasures and a nice lunch to boot. Sounds like a perfect day. You are going to have to get a little trailer to pull all your stash. Love love the paint horse painting.

  11. Great stuff! I have accidently acquired a swan collection. lol! I picked up an aqua one that I thought would be cute to hold soap in my basement guest bath. Then I just started finding more and picking them up. Now I have quite a collection. Love the one you found! The red on the turkey is great. I have a couple of aqua fenton pieces. Love the color! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. I absolutely adore the swan! The blown fuchsia glass is stunning too. What great finds 🙂 Hayley

  13. Oh, the memories. My mother had milk glass and I’m pretty sure she had a colored piece.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC

  14. Great finds! I may have been in your “thriftin’ and junkin’ zone recently… Went to a terrible estate sale in Amsterdam, only managed to find a few useful things, although my hubby found antique skis in the attic. We were up to the lake early to put the dock in, etc. today, as we were leaving, it was snowing!!!!

  15. I have one of these turkey dishes with the head painted red also. I was my mother’s and I know it is at least from the 1940’s. I thought it was a gravy boat all these years.

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