This Week’s Vintage Finds #104

Hi everyone! I attended a couple of really fun estate sales this week-end, both held by family members, which usually means prices are somewhat lower than those run by dealers. In this case, one in particular had terrific prices. I didn’t arrive until about 11 am, so I’m sure I missed out on some pretty fantastic deals, but I’m happy with my vintage finds for that day. Are you ready to see them?

Vintage Wooden bowl at Adirondack Girl @ Heart
A lovely, 12″ diameter wooden bowl (cost: $1.00, value: $35-40.00).

Munising mark on vintage bowl
It’s signed “Munising” on the bottom, a common 1940s-50s manufacturer of wooden bowls, both plain and painted.

Vintage Royal Typewriter
Let me introduce you to typewriter #6. Yes, you heard me right, #6. I guess it’s time to bring one up to the shop and see how it does (cost: $5.00, value: $15.00?). My sweet daughter loves them, so that’s the impetus to keep buying them, but really, does she need six?!! This Royal brand version dates to about the 1940s.

Royal Typewriter sample
Everything is in working order, though I had to read the directions (thank goodness I have them) to figure out how to get it “unstuck” from center. Not hard to do, but I never would have figured it out on my own. The Classic Typewriter Page is a great site for getting more info about these fascinating machines.

Various Vintage Finds at Adirondack Girl @ Heart
Here are a few miscellaneous smalls–a Dietz lantern (cost: $3.00, value: $15-20.00, due to rust), The Loon (cost: 25¢, value: $5.00), transferware jug (cost: free, value: $20-25.00, if perfect), whisk broom (cost: $1.00, value: $8.00).

Mark--Brownfield & Sons pottery England
The mark on the bottom of the transferware pitcher reads, “Brownfield & Sons, Woodland.” According to the [informative] website, The Potteries, they were in business only from about 1850 to 1890. This mark dates to 1870-90. Lidy at French Garden House wrote an informative guest post on transferware, filled with great info.

Vintage Oil cans
Oil cans are quite collectible, especially if they have a car brand embossed on them. None of mine do–bummer. The one on the left (in the box) has “Eagle” embossed on it, but I’m not sure if that will affect it’s value. With the exception of the little chrome one in front, they are all made of copper (cost: $1.00 each, value: $6-$20.00 each).

Vintage Green Tool Box
Do you love this old tool box as much as I do?  I especially admire it’s larger than normal size. I do not admire its layers of grime that I will have to figure out how to remove (cost: $5.00, value: $35-40.00).

Vintage Landscape Oil painting by E. Vought
I am completely smitten by this oil painting that I discovered in the attic of my Friday Estate sale. A lovely couple were selling the contents of their father’s estate, and many of the items they had never seen before and therefore were not attached to (cost: $5.00, value: $$60.00+). I’ve done some cursory research on the artist, but with no luck.

E. Vought signature on vintage landscape
It looks like E. Vought, where the “E” is written in pen.

Antique artist's sketch pad
Speaking of artists, I found this artist’s sketch pad buried under a pile of old Life magazines at Saturday’s estate sale (the one I got to late), (cost: $1.00, value: $35.00).

Artist's sketch
It’s filled with pencil sketches like these, which I think are interesting enough to frame.

Vintage Artist's sketch

Artist lettering

Old blocks of wood
Final Find: Can you guess what I plan to do with these old chunks of wood?

Old blocks of wood with copper star
If you guessed primitive, rustic Christmas tree, then you were right! I’m going to clean up the wood and then figure out exactly where to put it and how to “decorate” it, if at all (the copper star was just hanging around from last week’s vintage finds, so I perched it up there). Suggestions anybody?

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  1. Oh my!! I am in love with the brown transferware pitcher and whisk broom (my laundry room is outfitted with collections of both of those!) and that oil painting – lovely, indeed!

  2. Where does one find typewriter ribbons these days?
    I have boxes of vintage things I’ve collected over the years, but live in the boondocks where hardly anyone will buy vintage. Obviously, it’s time to move back north and set up shop!!!!
    Thanks for sharing these great finds.

  3. Great finds diana! Vintage typewriters go for much more than $15 where I’m at in Washington state. Is say anywhere from $40 to $60. If you’ve never sold one before and are unsure maybe try a little higher first.


  4. You found some great deals!! I agree with Tania, you need to list the typewriter for more than $15! LOVE the sketchbook. Enjoy!

  5. Love those sketches, and that wooden bowl. I really need to move to upstate New York lol. My 14 year old daughter loves old typewriters, too! xoKathleen

  6. Diana, and I thought I had a lot of typewriters 😉 I have four and gave away the fifth–I love them too! I “see” your next project!

  7. Hmmmm, I think the star is enough Diana, maybe just sprinkle some loose snow over it. I so love the little Woodland pitcher, I’m a sucker for any little bluebirds flying anywhere, Thanks for the share, Smiles, Sandi

  8. I have two vintage typewriters and I love them both. They don’t go for much in my neck of the woods, they they’re keepers anyway… for now. Love the oil cans!

  9. I always enjoy seeing your finds and how you value them. It helps me in my junkin trips! Love the little pitcher, so sweet.

  10. Hi Diana,
    I love that typewriter! And the painting and the hand writing book! And the bowl, all amazing finds!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  11. The tool box is awesome. And the typewriter. I learned how to type on a non-electric typewriter. I can still remember how hard I had to pound the keys. LOL.

  12. I am on the hunt for a 12 inch or larger wood bowl, since I gave both of mine away at different times.
    Now I want then back LOL
    I am hoping for a $1.00 find also

  13. You really did find some great things for super prices! I went an hour late to one last week and there was nothing left. Things fly out around here! Love the little jug and oil cans. I have a small collection of oil cans. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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  15. I had a grey Royal typewriter very similar to yours with the original case that sold for $45. it’s replacement in the booth has been for sale for several months so I removed it when the Christmas items went in. I’ll probably take it back is a couple of months for another try. The wooden bowl is a great find! Can’t wait to see your rustic Christmas tree.

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