How to Make a Farmhouse Sign

Are you like me? Do you have hundreds of pieces of “scrap wood” in your craft room, basement, garage, shed, or where ever? If so then it’s time to start making a farmhouse sign or two!

How to Make a Farmhouse Sign

This past fall, I attended an estate sale at a former orchard. By the time I arrived, not much remained.

I walked out with just a pair of men’s skates and an armful of scrap wood, that included a piece of wood off the end of an old apple crate.

Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign with Bread Boards

I knew right away it would make a great sign. And I had the perfect stencil. Just before Christmas, I received a shipment of five new stencils that I ordered from Homestead Stencil Company. 

It’s an eBay store that I’ve used before and been pleased with. (I’m not an affiliate.)

Close up of Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign

I was anxious to try out the “Fresh Eggs” stencil, and it fit the apple crate perfectly (after I dropped the “Farm” part).

If you don’t have the exact words you’re looking for, perhaps you have a full set of letter stencils and can spell the word(s) out.

I’ve created signs this way many times, spelling out words like eggs & buttergarden, and market, for example.

It takes longer because you have to line everything up, but it’s worth it to have the words you want, in the size you want them.

For more details on how to stencil, check out this article.

Close up of Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign
I decided to leave the character-adding rusty nails, and some, uh, dirt and dog hair, now visible in this close-up shot(!). I couldn’t have been happier with this old apple crate sign.

Bird's nest
A few people have wondered where I find all of my scrap wood. It’s quite plentiful at what I call the “junkier” estate sales. You know the ones I mean. Where you’re pretty sure the former owners were hoarders.

Look in the garage, shed, basement, and attic. Those are your best shots for finding scrap wood. And usually the prices are extremely reasonable (the apple crate piece cost a dollar).

Another great source for scrap wood is curbside. People often stack their scrap wood neatly beside their garbage can–so nice of them, right?

Just pullover, open the back of your van, truck, car (seriously, it’s time to get a larger vehicle!), and load it right in. Keep an old blanket in the back and you won’t have to worry about a mess.

Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign with Bread Boards

Eventually I’ll take this “Fresh Eggs” sign up to my antique booth and list it at about $20-25. But for now, I think I’ll hang on to it.

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Vintage Fresh Eggs Sign with Bread Boards

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  1. I love finding scrap wood…love how your sign turned out! Sending prayers for your mother…safe travels! xo

    1. Thanks so much Linda, and my Mom’s surgery went great. We even did a little junkin’ while I was up there 🙂

  2. This is cool. Dirt and dog hair are indeed added character. Thanks for the link to the stencil folks on Ebay. I am headed there! Have a most blessed day!

  3. LOL, opening the trunk—I had a pickup truck for shows…but also a job which took me through a ritzier neighborhood as a short cut to dogde traffic going to work. I always left early on Thursdays(garbage day) and often my truck would fill and I would be late to work. Grins, love this post! Sandi

  4. I love your sign and I appreciate your tips on finding old wood. I am getting ready to make a couple of signs for my new home and I am totally a newbie! Thanks for your tips and wish me luck!

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