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Hi there! How are your Thanksgiving plans going? If you’re like me, I suspect you’re preparing for a smaller version of the holiday than you have in the past. This virus is kicking our butt, isn’t it?

We just learned that my husband’s brother and his family have the virus. Fortunately, their cases are mild, but they will be celebrating apart from the family.

I’m sure you’re with me in hoping and praying for (1) those who have suffered during the pandemic and (2) a vaccine to bring an end to it all.

If in the past–after your Thanksgiving dinner–you would have busily started writing out a shopping list based on Black Friday sales and plotted out the route to your favorite stores, you may find yourself limited to online shopping this year.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve put together an online gift guide for vintage and antique lovers, filled with vintage and vintage-inspired gift ideas (for yourself or those you love).

NOTE: Many of these items can be found on Amazon, for which I am affiliate. If you make any purchase of any kind after you click, then I will receive a small commission. Thanks in advance! And still other items can be found in my Vintage Blog Shop.

Taking a leisurely look at my guide may help replace the “normal” Black Friday experience of waking at the crack of dawn and traipsing all over town for deals. (Were you one of those??) Here are some of my suggestions (click the images to shop):

Santa mugs: Vintage & Antique Lover's Gift Guide

Vintage-Inspired Pajamas & Robe

I love not only crafting with plaid flannel, but wearing it too! I have a vintage men’s flannel robe that I adore 🙂 I’m enamored with the idea of the entire family wearing matching flannel but for some reason my family won’t go for it. Bunch of Scrooges. [Note: Click on an image of interest to shop.]

Farmhouse Style Home Decor

I quickly fell in love with several vintage-inspired products that I came across recently when searching for some gifts for friends.

If we still had a dog I would snatch up the bull terrier tin in a second. The clock reminds me of one I made from an old table top that still hangs in my living room.

And oh, how I wish I had seen the old radio-style bluetooth speaker when we bought ours a couple of years ago. It’s just plain ugly black, like you’d expect a mini speaker to look with a kind of mesh cloth surface. This red one has perfect vintage charm.

Vintage Men’s Accessories

Before the pandemic, men’s accessories like tie clasps, money clips, and cuff links were trending. I suspect the trend will pick back up again when things finally settle down. You’ll find these male accessories in my Vintage Blog Shop under “Man Cave.”

As an early Black Friday special, I’m offering 20% off any one item in the shop between now and midnight Black Friday. Just mention Black Friday special when you order 🙂 Not included: Amazon merchandise in “Project Supplies” and “Handmade.”

Vintage Women’s Jewelry

I really enjoy wearing vintage jewelry for a variety of reasons. Rarely do I ever see others wearing pieces like mine, so I feel like a bit of a trend-setter. I suspect I’m  not alone in that feeling.

You can find all three of these pieces–the embossed brass bracelet, sterling and citrine ring, and Santa brooch–in the “Jewelry” section of my Vintage Blog Shop, along with other beautiful and unique jewelry.

Vintage Games

Many of the games that we in the [slightly] older age bracket played as a child remain quite popular today, including these three: Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Clue. It made me happy to find them in retro-style boxes with retro pieces to offer to you.

Puzzles with Vintage Themes

I heard not too long ago that “puzzles” have been trending on Amazon. Due to the pandemic and people spending more time at home, they have become hugely popular. I picked out a few that struck my fancy. I thought they might strike yours as well.

Toys From the Past

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without toys for the little ones. Here are a few childhood favorites dating back several decades.

My kids loved all three of these, and though we never had the formal White House Lego kit, I feel as if we had enough Legos to build one on our own, LOL. 

Vintage Inspired Stockings

Were you a stocking lover as a child? For me and my four siblings, it was our favorite part of the entire day’s events. It’s a testament to my sweet mother’s ability to stuff stockings so well. The pair of stockings I found here remind me of the simple felt one I had as a child. 

Vintage-Inspired Gift Wrapping

When it comes time for wrapping, I enjoy giving packages a vintage-inspired look. Nothing does that better than brown kraft paper and red (or antique white) ribbon.

I chose red cotton twill tape that lets you tie just a simple bow (since it lacks any stiffness), and it goes beautifully with the paper. And aren’t those tags the cutest??

I hope I helped you on your way to selecting some Christmas gifts for your friends and family. If you enjoyed the post, I hope you’ll subscribe and get a FREE copy of my 12-page eBook: 10 Vintage & Antiques Often Overlooked and Undervalued at Garage Sales. CLICK HERE:

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Santa mugs and text: Vintage & Antique Lover's Gift Guide

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  1. I am giving family a lot more gift cards this year as that is what they asked for! Cabela’s, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. I asked for a Maine company music/book card as I can pick up marked down second hand books for myself, grands, and my booth for .50 each! Gift cards for craft stores and restaurants are popular with me, too!

    I always make a bunch of stuff–this year it includes soaps, Epsom bath salts, theme baskets, earrings and bracelets, Christmas ornaments, infinity scarves, fudge, Chex mix, zucchini and pumpkin bread, and table runners.

    I got a large bag of Duplo Legos before our church’s bazaar (perk of helping with setup) and laboriously scrubbed each one with antiseptic soap (they’d been in a bag in someone’s garage for heaven knows how long…the kid is going into the Marines now!). Grands in MN are into Legos and the youngest is the right age for Duplos!

    I laboriously made small peg people for a couple at church’s almost 2 year old granddaughter in Italy. SEWING and GLUEING everything to make them small child-proof was more work than I thought but they were so appreciative! They had bought a Melissa and Doug wooden castle at a flea market for her. I had wanted to make clothespin people (they are dollhouse sized) and NOW I know how much work it is!

    We voted to stay home for Thanksgiving rather than go to my daughter’s; we may have scallops. Al is the oldest of 8; his youngest brother was Covid+, his wife caught it and died Tues; we are still rather stunned. After a dr.’s appt. today, I hit Michael’s and hoarded some more craft supplies; I am good for a long siege of isolation as Maine is taking off on the increased # of cases.

    This week a friend and I stuffed 16 Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with bargains I had accumulated over the course of the year; Al and I delivered them.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Diana, to you and your family.

    1. Some great ideas for gift-giving Kathy! You certainly are one busy gal. So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. What a painful year this has been for so many. My condolences to Al. Your loving and generous spirit are a bright light in the world–keep up the good work!

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