For the Love of Folk Art

Hi everyone! I have a great affection for folk art of all kinds. Recently I learned about a stunning piece that just recently came to light.

The Poestenkill Lion

My love for folk art has developed over the years. Many of you may remember that one of the many hats I’ve worn includes “art teacher.” When my kids were toddlers, I taught one day a week at a home school group. Once they started school, I went into their classrooms and did a weekly art project.

For the Love of Folk Art
8th grade slave face jugs


A couple of years ago I taught art for one full day each week at my daughter’s middle school. Yes, I had her in one of my classes, and yes, it was trying at times.

But she recently gave me the hugest compliment, telling me she wished her current art teacher was more like me! She expressed that she and her classmates actually liked the projects I taught them. Big smile.

For the Love of Folk Art
My sweet daughter’s slave face jug


Folk art projects were always among my favorites to teach. We made frakturs, slave face jugs (above), stencils, and many other folk art-y kinds of projects. Often, when I sit down to paint or craft, I come up with projects in this style.

For the Love of Folk Art
Like this Shaker Tree of Life that I painted a while ago and placed in an antique frame.

For the Love of Folk Art

Now to the real topic of this post: “The Poestenkill Lion.” Several years ago, a couple saved this stunning milk-painted lion from destruction by fire.

The four slats on which the lion is painted had been disassembled in preparation for burning.

This local couple, thankfully, recognized the value in this extraordinary piece of folk art, and in 2011, they donated it to the Rensselaer County Historical Society (RCHS).

Some of you may remember that my sweet husband and I recently took a tour of seven-homes on 2nd Street in Troy, sponsored by the RCHS. We began our tour at their headquarters, also on 2nd Street.

What I love so much about the lion is his strong local connection. He was locally produced and now, after three years of refurbishment, he is on display in his new (local) home, the RCHS.

Tell me, do you love this lion as much as I do?
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  1. I love folk art! I have a treasured piece that my father made. He made a standing cupboard out of a wooden packing crate. The piece was never "finished" in the true sense of the word, but I think it's perfect. The name of the company still graces one side. The wood has darkened to a lovely, aged hue, and its edges are rough. And I use it! It sits in a kitchen corner with a few collectibles and books.

  2. I don't think I knew that you taught art but you are making me want to pull some of my work out!!! That tree you painted is FANTASTIC!!! And I am with you…folk art completely speaks to me!!! Have a great weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

  3. Diana I love Folk Art but these piece are wonderful. The tree is my favourite.
    Lots of blessings

  4. I love these pieces…and the face jugs are really fun! You bring back memories of years ago, when I worked at a private school and "taught art" classes!

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