Festive Fall Centerpieces Using Vintage & Antiques

Hi everyone! I hope you had a terrific weekend. My sweet husband and I decided to begin celebrating our anniversary a week early(!). We didn’t spend the night away anywhere, but we basically took Saturday and Sunday to ourselves.

While we weren’t terribly creative, we thoroughly enjoyed the hours spent together, and we both feel more emotionally prepared to handle life. We talked and laughed while driving north to the World’s Largest Garage Sale in Warrensburg (NY), bought a whole lot of good junk, and filled up on high-quality junk food like hot dogs and the most amazing hand cut fries I think I’ve ever had.

Today I’m sharing some simple, vintage-y fall centerpieces I experimented with last week. Keep in mind, while I enjoy decorating, it’s not my strongest suit. Maybe you can relate? I’ve decided that for me, simple is best. If I try to go to crazy or complicated, it just doesn’t seem to work for me. So, without further explanation, here are a few ideas that I had last week.

festive-fall-centerpieces-using-vintage-antiquesFirst I went all neutral and filled my dough bowl with ever-popular bone white baby boo pumpkins. I rested them on a bit Spanish moss.  I painted and distressed the bowl myself sometime in the last year, and I’ve enjoyed filling it with everything from the boos to pears and pine cones to acorns.

Learn how I painted & distressed my dough bowl here.

table-with-white-baby-boos-in-dough-bowl-2-1024x683I didn’t set the whole table, but I took out my “wedding” dishes–Mikasa’s Garden Harvest, and topped them with Port Meirion plates I snagged while living in England.

mikasa-garden-harvest-plate-and-port-meirion-damson-plum-plate-1024x980The damson plum decoration reminds of our home in England and the damsons that grew in our yard. They are the tastiest, most darling little plums you’ve ever seen.

table-with-white-baby-boos-in-dough-bowl-1-1024x683I recently discovered the amber stemware at a country thrift store–seven pieces for $3.00. They are a perfect match for my Mikasa stoneware.

vintage-amber-stemware-1024x662Here’s a closer look at the stemware.

baby-boo-pumpkin-centerpiece-with-mikasa-garden-harves-t-plate-and-port-meirion-damson-plum-plate-2-1024x683I switched out the dough bowl for my “Farm Fresh” crate. While it’s a little on the large side, particularly when the table is set, it certainly makes a statement.

port-meirion-plate-with-rustic-wooden-box-filled-with-baby-boo-pumpkins-1024x847Each November, the Port Meirion shop in Trent-on-Stoke holds a tent sale, offering all sorts of overstock at low, low prices. I picked up these plates for £1 each (about $1.60). When I returned to pick up six more, however, they were sadly sold out.

Learn about stenciling vintage crates here.

apples-in-vintage-wooden-bowl-on-vintage-red-and-white-quilt-1024x683One of my favorite “experiments” involved setting the table with my new-to-me vintage quilt and my favorite unpainted bowl.

table-set-on-vintage-red-and-white-quilt-with-apple-centerpiece-1024x683I used plain white plates with the damson plates and switched out the amber stemware for clear.

plain-white-plate-and-port-meirion-damson-plum-plate-on-vintage-red-and-white-quilt-1024x709I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but on my “to do” list is the hemming of this old quilt. The edges are all raggedy and it will make a nicer presentation once I hem it up. You may remember I scored it at an estate sale recently for just $5.00!

baby-boo-pumpkins-with-apples-in-vintage-wooden-bowl-on-vintge-red-and-white-quilt-3-978x1024This may be my favorite table setting. What do you think?

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  1. Love your vintage fall table scape Diana. Those plates are beautiful. Love all the white pumpkins too.
    We just celebrated our Anniversary this week end too. It is fun to get away from everything and just re connect.
    Have a great week ahead.

  2. Pure prettiness, Diana! I LOVE that quilt…if you are ever going to sell it think of me…
    Your tablescape ideas are lovely!

  3. Diana, I love those little white pumpkins in your dough bowl. I haven’t been able to find any here yet. Of course, I haven’t been to any pumpkin patches or farm markets, so maybe I still will find them. Your table settings are so pretty. I do find myself partial to the one that uses the red and white quilt and the apples in wooden bowl centerpiece.

    It’s easy to see that you are a lover of dishes and glassware as am I. If only I had more storage space, I would have more of each!

    Hope you and your hubby continue to enjoy celebrating your anniversary and the Fall colors.

  4. I love your table set with the quilt. I have used quilts for tablecloths quite often. I started to use one this year but it was way too big. I need to get some Baby Boos … maybe tomorrow. Love your Farm Fresh box too. Happy Fall.

  5. Hi Diana, What a score with the quilt! I can see it bound in red – you mentioned the edge. (just one idea) I also loved the amber goblets – what a nice shape they have! Like the dough bowl and white pumpkins also. Well done! Blessings, Janet

  6. You sound like you’ve got a great hubby! I love all your arrangements. I couldn’t possibly pick out a favorite, but I do like the quilt as a tablecloth. You’ve made the amber stemware look quite special.

  7. Beautiful ideas, Diana! I do love the last tablescape you showed, with the white pumpkins and the wooden bowl of apples on the quilt. But they are all nice! And that amber stemware is so pretty! Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  8. Oh my, the red lover that I am is drooling; I mean drooling; over that quilt! I would have snagged it up in one big hurry!! Love the farm fresh on the crate also. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. This is one old post that I have missed! I always love seeing your home. Your china coupled with the damson plates is absolutely gorgeous! My amber glasses are not stemware–were water glasses in many restaurants 30 years ago; EVEN I can’t break them–at least not many of them, anyway!

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