Farmhouse “GATHER” Sign: With Embroidery Hoops

Is it too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving?? Of course not! Now is the perfect time to get a jump start on the holidays with a farmhouse “GATHER” sign. It promises to set a welcoming tone as you celebrate with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company.

I created this simple project using small embroidery hoops and muslin fabric for Farmhouse Style magazine’s summer 2021 edition. It still hangs in my kitchen, a reminder that life is so much better when we gather together, but it could easily be sold in my antique biz at a later date.

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    You can find stenciling instructions HERE (including a video!).

    Rustic Scrap Wood

    A piece of scrap wood

    Where to Find Rustic Scrap Wood

    I’m always on the hunt for hunks of what I call “good wood.” My husband thinks I’m a little crazy (and I admit that I am, LOL) given that I now have an amazing collection of “good wood.”

    You can pick up scrap wood–including balusters and other decorative pieces–in a variety of locations:

    Embroidery Hoops & Canvas

    3 small embroidery hoops and several squares of ivory colored canvas


    Lower case letter stamps spelling the word "gather"

    Chalk Paint, Foam Brush Stain, & Rag

    Chalk paint, a foam brush, stain, and a rag

    How to Make a Farmhouse Gather Sign

    1. Cut Fabric

    A piece of canvas fitted into a small embroidery hoop

    Cut the canvas into six pieces that will fit into the embroidery hoop leaving an inch or so around the edges.

    Fit the pieces into the hoops. The indentations made by the hoop will give you an idea of where the letters need to go.

    2. Stain the Embroidery Hoop

    A small embroidery hoop pair, one of which has been stained dark brown on the outside.

    Using a rag, stain the outside and the edges of the larger hoops that go around the smaller ones. Allow the stain to dry.

    3. Stamp Letters

    The letter A stenciled onto a piece of square canvas

    Apply chalk paint to the letter stamps with the foam brush and stamp the letters onto the center of each piece of canvas. [Alternatively, you can stencil the letters. Here’s directions for making your own stencils.]

    4. Insert Fabric Into Hoop

    the letter "g" on canvas framed by an embroidery hoop

    Place the canvas on top of the smaller “inside” hoop. Then place the larger hoop over the canvas, being sure to align the letter with the screw at the top of the hoop. Press the hoop down over the canvas until the fabric is nice and taut and the two hoops are even with each other.

    5. Trim the Canvas

    Side view of an embroidery hoop holding trimmed canvas

    Trim the canvas on the back to make it approximately even with the hoop’s edges.

    6. Attach Claw Hangers

    Time to nail two claw hangers onto the back of the scrap wood for hanging. Place them at the top of both sides.

    7. Hang the Letters on the Scrap Wood

    the letter "r" stamped on canvas and framed by an embroidery hoop

    Using small finishing nails placed equidistant from each other, hang each of the letters onto the scrap wood.

    It can be tricky to get the letters all hanging evenly but don’t drive yourself to crazy–it doesn’t need to be perfect to be beautiful!!

    Vignette with gather sign, bread boards, clocks, and wicker wrapped bottles.

    Now hang the piece and stand back to admire your work 🙂

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    I sure hope you enjoyed reading about this seasonal (or anytime!) project. I made mine for myself, but I could see it gracing an antique booth or Etsy shop with an asking price of $30-40.

    Would you make it to keep or sell?

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    1. This sign is SO cunning (Maine-speak for really, really cute. I was gonna say wicked cunning, but then I’d have to try and explain “wicked”, too. The first time I heard a Mainer say it, I cracked up–they really do say it!). And I promptly added it to MY vocab! I used up my stash of small embroidery hoops making Christmas ornaments–darn! I love curbside wood, too; Al KNOWS I am crazy!

    2. This Gather sign is so clever! I think the embroidery hoop frames give this a vintage typewriter key vibe! So cool with endless possibilities!

      1. Gee thanks Donna–that means so much coming from such an accomplished maker 🙂 Now that you mention it, it really does have a typewrite key look to it!

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