Fall Decorating

Hi Everyone! I’ve done a tiny bit of fall decorating that I thought I’d share today.Fall Decorating

Nature, of course, is taking care of most of the decorating.

Fall Decorating
We see God’s handiwork everywhere at this time of year especially.
Fall Decorating
My maple is the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood.
Fall Decorating
 I’ve kept it pretty simple.
Have to say those pumpkins sitting in the urns make me very happy.
Don’t they just make you smile?
Fall Decorating

This week-end at the pumpkin patch with cousins and Grandma, we bought huge, end-of-the-season mums for one dollar. I’ve just been treating them like cut flowers, cutting them off the plant and spreading them around the house–inside and out.

Fall Decorating
Pretty, pretty. I love pink and yellow together.
Fall Decorating


I turned my spring mantel into my fall mantel with just a few change-ups–fall mums replace tulips, the burlap wreath replaces the pink, floral wreath, add a few pumpkins, and I was done.

Fall Decorating
Here’s the spring mantel to compare it to.
Fall Decorating
I left my “welcome” sign up in my foyer, took out a few things and added my Big Lot pumpkins that I bought last year for $3.24 each. (Yes, they make me smile, too.) I added a few boo pumpkins and the autumn wreath and called it a day.


Happy fall, everyone!

Bye for now,

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  1. Oh, you are do funny! Love the dog hair, sure looks familiar! Lol Your fall decorations are beautiful! What a steal getting those mums for $1! I would have snatched them up too…

    Blessings to your day!

  2. Diana … your decorations are very enjoyable… a did good. Love what you have done for Fall.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. I love your pretty seasonal decorations, Diana…and the dog hair…well, just feels like home to me lol!

  4. Love your decorations and the dog hair! Isn't it fun to put up little things for the season? I enjoyed this, Diana!

  5. I especially liked the closeup picture of the brightly colored leaves with your front door faded into the background. The pumpkins in the glass jars are very cool looking too.

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