Barns and Other Interesting Things in Sharon Springs

Hi everyone! In Monday’s post about the Sharon Springs Victorian Holiday Celebration, I mentioned that after enjoying the holiday cheer in town, my sweet husband and I took a drive out into the beautiful countryside, tracking down an elusive herd buffalo. [Note: All photos were taken with my iPhone 5s as it was a bit too cold for my Canon Rebel T3.]

Red barn on a snow hill with cloudy skyCan you see them? To the left of the barn, big and brown. I’ve never seen a buffalo before, so it was rather exciting to encounter them in Upstate New York.

When you zoom in with an iPhone, the quality is reduced considerably, but since the buffalo wouldn’t come to us, I had to “go” to them(!).

I couldn’t believe my good fortune with this shot–the barn in the background is a side view of the “buffalo barn” from the photo above. It nestled into this beautiful old barn perfectly to create an interesting shot.

Not a barn, but a remarkable old house. I just want to rip those red boards off of it and make something awesome with them. LOL.

Cool barn doors.

Back  in town I took a few interesting snaps as well.

Rust and chippy paint always captures my attention.

Great combo of yellow and orange paint–love the wood door in the background.

I found the last couple of shots more evocative in black and white.

This last capture is one of my favorites–dark forest behind snow-capped wall.

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  1. Beautiful winter pictures! We have a buffalo farm about 10 miles from us and they sure are big creatures! Can you imagine how strong they are….I’ve never heard of one getting out….maybe they are friendly. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the visit to Sharon Springs. I’ve been busily pinning all those barns. Love your photography!

  3. You always capture such great shots, Diana, and your phone served you well. Seeing buffalo out West this past summer for the first time was also exciting for me. Hard to pick a favorite here. Red barns with green grass and snow are always favorites, but I really like that one with the orange/yellow and wood door in background. The B&W are cool shots too.
    Happy New Year, friend! Mine will be quiet (I hope).

  4. I love old barns … thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. I would love to explore one of those abandoned houses.
    Happy New Year …
    Audrey Z.

  5. Beautiful photos with the phone!!!! I don’t use my phone for photography much, but that might have to change. I’m with you…would love to have some of that red barn wood!

  6. Too bad you didn’t get close to the Buffalo. They have gorgeous eyes and eyelashes…and are huge—massive. Great barn pics….love the details, Sandi

  7. Wow, Diana! Those were great shots! I love old barns etc. You really captured the essence of that area! Thank you for sharing!!


  8. Hi Diana, Love those old barns, especially the big red one. I can’t decide if I prefer the color or the black and white pixs. Something about b and w is so dramatic. How tempting it is to tear into old wood and take it home! xo Pat

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