Antique Booth Update

Hi everyone! I thought today I’d show you all some photos of my new antique booth. I moved in two weeks ago and have been bringing new merchandise one trip at a time. I took these pictures after my last trip.
Antique Booth Update

It’s filling up, slowly but surely.

Antique Booth Update
Antique Booth Update

There’s still plenty of space for more goods. I’m kind of enjoying having it not too crowded. I know eventually it will be crammed full.

Antique Booth Update

The “Shaker Apple” dishes by Blue Ridge china used to be in my kitchen corner cupboard. I’ve replaced it with ironstone, and decided it was time to sell the set. I bought them at a garage sale about ten years ago for $5.00. I’ve priced the set, with serving pieces, for $195, though in certain settings, I think it could go for as high as $300.

Antique Booth Update
Antique Booth Update

Some Adirondack-y merchandise.

Antique Booth Update

Antique Booth Update

This is what I call the “pretty corner.”
I’ll be heading back up this Friday or Saturday to fill ‘er up!
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  1. Looks so inviting! I love the tags hanging down off the merchandise… it an old time feeling!

  2. I'd surely love to be there to see it. It looks wonderful, Diana — what fun, what creativity, what blessings!

  3. I see some beautiful things in there! Today I was thinking about looking for another booth because my office gets filled up instead. Yours is coming along nicely!

  4. Hello Diana! Congrats on your new antique booth, it looks fantastic! Best of luck with it and take care – Dawn

  5. I love the rustic table and that cute little white hobnail milkglass piece on the sideboard. Can't believe what a score you got on those dishes! Your place really is shaping up! It must be so exciting!

  6. Looking great Diana! I love the cupboard with the apple dishes. And the "pretty corner" too. Those doilies are really cute – but I'm a total sucker for linens. ;0)

  7. I love reading your OLD posts; they are NEW to me. I love how you arrange your booth in groupings. I try, but then I cram too much stuff in caz I have so much stuff and it just looks stacked, not arranged. I know, less is more! Love your photography, too!

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