Vintage Garden Collectibles

Updated December 2019

Hi there! Many of us vintage-y DIYers enjoy decorating (inside and out) with vintage garden collectibles. They are unique among many types of collectibles in that so many are wonderfully functional and continue to be useful for years, sometimes decades and generations.

Galvanized metal objects, well-oiled tools, and good gardening books can serve their purpose for many years, while also contributing to the vintage look we want in our gardens and/or our homes.

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Vintage Garden Collectibles

terra cotta flower boxTerracotta planters, big or small, add warmth and texture to our outdoor spaces, especially beautiful pieces like this flower box.  The signs of mineral seepage only add to its character, right?

I love decorating with genuinely aged terra cotta pots, complete with these white mineral “stains,” chips, and cracks, so I pick them up for a pittance whenever I come across them. But if you’d like to age some on your own, you’ll find help here: how to age terracotta pots.

Some plants and planters on my deckIt made it no further than my own deck, after I gave it a light scrubbing with a wire brush to remove some of the densest part of the mineral deposit. When I get ready to sell it, I’ll price it at about $20-25.00.

small green houseHere’s another great find that remains in my personal possession–a small tabletop green house. Though constructed of plexiglass, it has a great vintage look and would go for about $30-35.00.

copper plant markersPlant stakes made out of anything but plastic remain a popular collectible, and this set made of copper proved that true by selling almost immediately for $18.00.

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Vintage Garden Hand Tools

vintage hand toolsAnother perennial favorite–vintage hand tools–are both attractive for decorating and fully functional. (SOLD via Etsy for $24.00 in 2015)

Vintage Garden Gloves

vintage leather glovesWork gloves, like this leather pair, are useful for garden-themed decorating or for actual use in the garden. (SOLD via Etsy 2015 for $12.00)

vintage canvas work glovesThis canvas pair with the farmhouse-style star on the wrist have proven very popular; I’ve quite easily sold several pair at $8 each.

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Don’t want to wait to pick up some vintage-style garden decor? Check out these options:

vintage bird house I snatch up every birdhouse I can get my hands on and sell them in the $15-30.00 price range. (SOLD for $18.00 from my antique booth) Use them as table decorations on the deck or attach them to a stake and place them in the garden or your landscaping.

Vintage Garden Books

gardening bookMany gardeners I know have quite a collection of gardening books in their personal library. I tend to buy them low and price them in the $4-6.00 range. Stack them  in your enclosed solarium as a “readable” side table.

Tasha Tudor garden book This book about Tasha Tudor the children’s book author is a cross-over collectible for both gardeners and Tudor fans. (SOLD for $10.00 from my antique booth 2016)

Beautiful Gardens of the WorldI often pick up newer garden books as well, for personal reading and to pass onto customers, usually at a fairly low  price.

Vintage Garden Watering Cans

Vintage galvanized watering canGalvanized anything makes a great addition to the garden: watering cans, mop buckets, fish bate buckets, and tubs of all sizes, for example. Watering cans like this one run about $25-35.00 in an antique shop, versus $3-5.00 at a garage sale.

At a garage sale not so long ago, I picked up a similar watering can at a garage sale with succulents growing out of it. I placed it in a landscaped island in my front yard and they come back every year!

child's watering canThose with interesting shapes, like this child’s green version with the great, swooping handle, are even more desirable. It’s for sale in my antique booth for $22.00 (SOLD).

Vintage-style Garden Statuary

concrete garden bustSome concrete statuary in the garden always adds a nice touch. This piece, which I referred to as “David” when I first bought it, has found a new home with my sweet friend Nancy, otherwise, I would have priced him at $40-50.00.

vintage concrete statue of cherubsThis is my latest concrete find, for sale in my antique booth for 38.00 (SOLD). Pieces like this, whether antique or made to look that way, add real interest to a garden, so long as you don’t overdo it with too many pieces(!).

Vintage Garden Signage

vintage raspberries sign“Garden,” “Flower,” and just about any other garden-related sign also adds charm to the garden or to a kitchen wall. My “Raspberries” sign hasn’t made it out of my garage yet, LOL. I will likely price it at about $35-40.00.

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vintage garden collectibles in an antique booth Here’s a peek at a garden display I had in my antique booth last year, complete with books, hand tools, plant markers, and jute.

I could see some of these items decorating a book shelf or how about on a coffee table tray?  For relatively little money, either could be put together with ease and provide great satisfaction.

Are you a vintage garden supply fan? What’s your favorite to decorate with?

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  1. I have a small collection of the old hand tools, mostly rakes as they seem to be the easiest to find! Most of mine are just plain, not colored though. I have them displayed on my patio in a rusty child’s wheelbarrow!


  2. Yes, yes, and yes – I collect it all, and display it all, and am very stingy to give it up for sale thus far!

  3. I collect vintage garden supplies and I like to use odds and ends that I find as planters. My problem is I am running out of room to display and store stuff.

  4. Very cool finds, Diana. I love the “David” remnant. Would you believe I have that exact same terra cotta pot waiting since last year for me to also add some “aged” charm!!? I guess I will get around to it eventually, lol. Thank you for sharing, have a wonderful holiday!

  5. I’m pretty crazy about the concrete pieces, especially the ones of children. I like rusty old iron pieces and some vintage garden tools. In this post I really like the long terra cotta planter and the terrarium. Rusty and crusty–that’s what I like!

  6. I do love vintage garden anything and always check the garage at estate sales. You can pick up lots of goodies so inexpensively. I have sold quite a few garden tools on Etsy and I keep quite a few for myself!

  7. Thank you so much for this info! I actually have that Tasha Tudor book i got for $1 at an estate sale. Love her! Im also kicking myself in the butt, for not buying the fish bate bucket i found at goodwill last week :/ I wanted it to plant a new plant in it, but it was $5 wasn’t sure what i could get for it trying to resell.

    1. It’s such a sweet book, isn’t it?? I bet you’ll come across another bait bucket in your price range 🙂

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