2017’s Most Popular Vintage Posts

Merry Christmas!

Hi there–I hope you’re having a blessed Christmas, and that it is all you planned and prepared for. Ours has been relatively quiet, but very special. My sweet husband, our children, and I enjoy each other’s company, and for that I’m truly grateful.

Today, I’m popping in with a year-end post, looking back at the 12 most popular vintage posts of the year. I looked at just those posts published in 2017. In actuality, many of my older posts (even some dating back to 2014) are among my most popular posts, for example, my Ironstone Price Guide and 10 Vintage Items Often Overlooked and Undervalued posts are among the top visited year after year.

2017's most popular vintage postsBut let’s take a look at 2017’s top ten.

faux succulent with poultry feeds sign in background10. Okay, so you guys really like vintage-inspired signs, especially those made out of interesting “junk,” like my Farmhouse Sign from an Unusual Find. [Note: Stencil by Knick of Time’s Vintage Stencils]

sweater pumpkins with gather sign
9. And you liked my Farmhouse Sign from an Antique Crate Lid a lot, too.  This cool lid had been floating around my garage for a good couple of years before I bit the bullet and decided to make a sign out of it. It sold almost immediately at the Shaker Craft Fair this year for $32.00 [Note: Stencil by Knick of Time’s Vintage Stencils]

close up of flannel pumpkins8. Readers also enjoyed my October Thrifty Chick’s post, 3 Fall DIY’s, One Flannel Shirt. Pop on over to see the other projects you can make from a single flannel shirt.

vintage finds 1807. Several of my regular vintage finds posts also made it into the top ten, including My Cheap Vintage Finds & What They’re Worth #180.  You’ll find ironstone, ice skates, baskets, and more, and I paid just $26.00 for all of it.

Vintage Finds button6. Another vintage finds post, My Cheap Vintage Finds & What They’re Worth #166, made it to the list as well. Among other things you’ll see buttons, [more] ironstone, and craft supplies.

Vintage Apple Juice Bakelite Stretch Bracelet5. A third vintage finds post–#175–made it to the list, too. In it, I highlighted this beautiful “apple juice” Bakelite bracelet, along with artwork, linens, baskets, and much more.

Stenciled metal vent with robin4. The wife of my antique shop owner fell in love with this project–a Farmhouse Sign from a Vintage Vent–and promptly purchased it (for the discounted price of $20.00), shortly after I brought it to my booth.

bowl of apples with chalkboard in background3. In September, I was privileged to join with several other bloggers in what turned out to be a very popular blog hop: A Harvest Home Tour sponsored by Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

side view of farmhouse sign2. I turned an Abandoned Chair Seat Into a Farmhouse Sign, and reader’s really got a kick out of it. I love what one reader (Marie) had to say, “That old chair seat has a thousand stories, love that you kept it as is. It’s perfect repurposed as a sign and I suspect it won’t last long in your booth.”

Hard, bald truth: It’s been sitting in my booth waiting for a buyer for a few months now 🙁

vintage aqua canning jars1. The most popular post of the year? Readers enjoyed my Canning Jar Price Guide best, out of all of my posts in 2017. Decorating with vintage and antique canning jars and using them for crafting remain extremely popular, so it’s not surprising.

Thank you friends for a fantastic year celebrating everything vintage and antique–sharing in the joy of my vintage finds, crafting and DIY-ing with with vintage junk, and learning more about the business of buying and selling beautifully-aged stuff.

I love chatting with you via comments, connecting with you on social media, and seeing your finds and projects in my Facebook group, Your Vintage Treasures (join in the fun if you haven’t already!). Here’s to a new year filled with all kinds of vintage-y goodness.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Diana. How nice of you to have a post for those of us determined to have a lazy, relaxing day; we are in the midst of a snowstorm here in Maine and snugged down for the duration! I peeled supper potatoes this a.m. so if I have a nap, I am still ready for supper! Plethora of chocolate and gift cards for gits this year! Life is good!

    1. So glad your Christmas was special, Kathy, and glad I could provide some entertainment 🙂 Happy New Year, friend!!

  2. A pretty good year, all in all, I’d say! I enjoyed almost every one of those posts. Thanks for all the interesting and useful information you’ve provided us , Diana. Not to mention the inspiration and just plain enjoyment looking at all the cool vintage items you find. Looking forward to another great year reading the Adirondack Girl blog!

    Hope your Christmas was most merry and bright! (Like those “Shiney Bright” ornaments we love!)

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