11 Fabulous Farmhouse Finds

Hi there! How was your weekend? On Friday, I made my bi-monthly trip to my antique booth and added some new merch (that’s dealer speak for merchandise). Saturday a sweet friend held a lovely wedding shower for her son’s fiance.

It was also my sweet daughter’s 19th birthday, but she couldn’t squeeze us into her plans until Sunday, when we took her for brunch at the extremely popular and absolutely delicious, Main Street Bistro.

That meant no vintage shopping for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some farmhouse vintage finds to share with you(!). Let’s take a look.

11 Fabulous farmhouse Vintage Finds adirondackgirlatheart.com (2)Three vintage accessories that give a home the modern farmhouse look that’s so popular, include transferware, baskets, and white ironstone, and I’ve got plenty of all three to share.

Vintage Transferware

Antique Societe Ceramique Maestricht Transferware Plate I found this striking Dutch transferware plate at a recent estate sale on a table marked $1. I thought for sure it must have a chip or crack. Nope. It’s perfect (cost: $1, value: $20-25.00).

Societe Ceramique Maestricht Transferware markMarked “Societe Ceramique, Maestricht, Holland,” the plate likely dates to the late 1800’s. Societe Ceramique manufactured dishware from 1863-1958 and “Hollandia”probably refers to the plates pattern.

transferware covered containerI purchased this 4″ covered jar at a “car boot” sale when we lived in England; I just dug it out recently to sell (cost: $1.60, value: $12-15).

Transferware covered pot Made in England Floris pattern markI believe “Floris” refers to a London company that has manufactured perfume since 1730. I suspect that this jar may have contained a candle or something of that nature, perhaps back in the 1950’s?

J & G Meaken transferware dinner plateI took a chance on this J & G Meakin plate in a not-uncommon pattern because of its low, low price (cost: 25¢, value: $5-6). Single plates are not great sellers, but sometimes I just can’t say no. We’ll see if it sells.

J & G Meaken transferware dinner plate mark (1200x1200)Its mark dates to 1970, when the Wedgwood Group took over J & G Meakin, and “Renaissance” refers to the pattern name.

Vintage Baskets

Vintage Wicker Basket with handleWhen I buy newer wicker baskets, like this one, I look for good construction and details like the nicely woven handle and the braided trim around the top edge (cost: $1, value: $10-12).

vintage basketThis 9″ basket appealed to me because of its unusual shape and the fact that it had no finish on it, which I think makes it more attractive than, say the previous basket, which had a light finish (cost: 50¢, value: $10). [Note: It sold recently for $9.]

3 mini basketsThese mini baskets, which I picked up last weekend at an estate sale, are not vintage, but they are very well made and will look great displaying small collections.

Small Basket with sewing notionsLike these sewing notions. But they could hold so many other vintage goodies, like spools of beautiful thread, antique clothespins, or how about shells? What would you display in them?

Vintage Ironstone

Beginning in the 1870’s, American pottery companies began to develop their own lines of white ironstone, which had previously been manufactured exclusively by English companies and shipped to the US from about the 1840’s onward.

Homer Laughlin Company (HLC), which began operations in the 1870’s, manufactured this “Genesee” ironstone platter in October 1917, making it 101 years old and technically an antique. [Note: the “10” in the mark refers to October and the “7” to 1917.]

I will stencil it with the word “Gather” and offer it for sale at next year’s Shaker Craft Fair.

Vintage J & G Meaken Colonial ironstone plate (2)I bought this set of four J & G Meakin salad plates years ago and just stumbled across them in my work room (cost: $1, value: $10-12). I had thought I might use them for a project some day, but have decided to sell them. They have a few tiny chips, but still look great.

Vintage J & G Meaken Colonial ironstone plate markI think this mark is a little newer than the one above, perhaps dating to the 1980’s?

Vintage Royal Wessex ironstone cream and sugar
Final Fabulous Find: An ironstone cream and sugar set made by Swinnertons, a Staffordshire, England company (cost: $2.50, value: $20-25.00). I believe the pattern name is “Royal Wessex” and that it dates to about the 1930’s or 40’s.

Thanks for taking a look at my vintage finds with me. It makes it so much more enjoyable when you have someone to share your joy with 🙂 Happy hunting!

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11 Fabulous Farmhouse Vintage Finds adirondackgirlatheart.com

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  1. Diana, love your finds. I always look for good, well-made baskets too. I have one I use to corral my shipping supplies that does double-duty when we go on a picnic. 🙂 – Karen

  2. I enjoy seeing your goodies, too. I’m glad I could share them with you. I show off my own, too, from time to time. Best wishes.

  3. I too love single plates I find at sales. I use them to take goodies to friends and tell them to keep the plate. I always cover the bottom with plastic wrap. (That is unless it is too beautiful to part with!)

  4. I was surprised to find one of my finds on this page!! A few years ago I found three of the same Meakin plates at a thrift store for 25Cents each and couldn’t resist. Mine are the bread and butter plate size. Now I use them for soap dishes and a base for my toothbrush holder in my master bathroom! So glad that someone else thought it was a pretty pattern!

  5. You found two of my favorite things….pretty plates and baskets. I have too many of both, some I keep, some I sell. Love the color blue in your plate and covered jar.

  6. Great finds! I especially love the blue plate and can’t believe it was so inexpensive! The J. G. Meakin plate is so pretty, I have sold a creamer and small plates in that pattern, they sold quickly. I love baskets as long as they are solid. I use them all over the house, but especially in my workroom. I haven’t tried to sell them but I do have a few older ones that I think will sell. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  7. I have a small collection of Ironstone and it shares a shelf with my white pottery. Love to see what you find and share with us!

  8. I love to see your finds. I often buy single plates as they often sell for wall decor! A lot of my baskets are used for my yarn stash and fat quarters of cloth. Mine hang on beams in my master bedroom which has a cathedral ceiling–out of the way!

    1. Hi Teresa! I use chalkpaint, but you can use acrylic craft paint too. You just need to spray it with some poly to protect it from scratching.

  9. Hello, after 5 tries I was able to pin your blog on pinterest! I am wondering if you will stencil the HL platter with the stains or will you paint the platter first?

    1. Thanks so much for the pin, Carla–I’m sorry it was so hard. Yes, I will stencil right over the stains–most people consider them part of the charm, so I know it will sell. Thanks for dropping by!

  10. Some great pieces, Diana! Will some of them be in your on-line shop? I really like the salad plates. I have a mish-mash of various white ironstone dishes and I think the design would fit right in.

    Have a good week!

  11. Fabulous finds as always, Diana! I have a platter in that Meakin pattern 😉 Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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