Like to Learn More About Vintage Canning Jars?

If you’re like I was (a decade or so ago), you come across interesting jars when you’re out vintage and antique shopping.

But you struggle to know whether they’re valuable or not.

Collection of vintage and antique canning jars (fruit jars)

You might come across a display like this and
have no idea which ones are the most valuable.

This Canning Jar Guide (like a course + price guide) will teach you how to identify and value a large number of jars so you can start making money selling them ASAP!

Canning Jar Guide on an iPad
What's Inside the Guide: jars, history, advertising, patents

This amazing 125+ page guide is filled with
all the information you need to start making $$:

-> Page after page of canning jars: values, dates, etc.
-> In depth history on canning jars & manufacturers
-> Early advertisements w/interesting info
-> Fascinating patent images (to print & frame!)

Watch this short video to learn more about the Guide:

What Customers Have to Say:

Baxter, Treasure Hunter: Wow! I recently received your Canning Jar Guide. What a wonderful resource! Every beginner and intermediate canning jar collector should get this Guide.

No [other resource] captures the overall history, development, and specifications in the industry as yours does. It is extremely helpful for those that want to see the forest for the trees.

Your Guide has been a great help to me and an encouragement to continue the exciting possibilities of continual new discoveries as a treasure hunter in garage and estate sales. Thank you so much.

Cecilia, Collector: Great book! I’ve collected canning jars for over 40 years and [your guide] helps me identify them better. I had an issue downloading it and Diana was very helpful in making sure I received it. Excellent customer service!

Christine Roppel, eBay Seller: I can’t even begin to convey to you just how much I greatly appreciate you and all your work. Thank you so much for being the person you are and for sharing your knowledge with me and others; you have been a huge help to me!

Lisa Siemienczuk, Antique Seller: Diana, your energy and wonderful warm personality along with your vast invaluable knowledge and casual conversational style are so unique and greatly appreciated. I look forward to your articles and videos like a lovely visit from an old friend regularly. You are a big bright spot in my work life and I am grateful you choose to SHARE your continued knowledge and infectious passion for all things antique and collectible.

Nancy Firlik, Antique Seller: Years of experience make Diana a leading resource for beginners who want help becoming successful vintage sellers. She teaches every step of the process through various digital books and study courses in a thorough and encouraging manner. Diana takes a very personal approach to connecting with her followers and is very friendly.

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$37 Canning Jar Guide: History & Values
A 133 page guide that contains invaluable information about
canning jars (also called “fruit jars”), including the history behind their development,
types of seals and lids, multiple brands, and most importantly, values.