Update on Distressed Donna Down Home

Distressed Donna Down UnderHi everyone! I am in the process of updating and upgrading some of my old Vintage Blog of the Week posts, starting with Distressed Donna Down Home, my very first feature back in July 2014. Donna buys and sells vintage like crazy, has a marvelous sense of humor, and participates fully in our online vintage community. She goes out of her way to promote other bloggers especially brand new ones, who need a little support and encouragement. I hope you’ll take a look at the revised post and then run over to Donna’s and say hi for me.

Distressed Down Down Home Header

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  1. Hello Diana! Hoping your early Spring is going well! I just stopped over to say hello to Donna and thank you for sharing her information. As always, your posts are so helpful and I look forward to them!
    Thank you,

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