My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

Hi everyone! Last week, in my Vintage Finds post, I showed you an aqua glass lamp that I discovered at my local Salvation Army. I was pretty excited about it because I’ve been looking for a lamp for my living room. I hinted that I may have found a suitable lamp shade the very next day.

My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

I think it’s a pretty good match. Don’t you?!

My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

The lamp cost just $8.00. I tested it before I purchased it to make sure it worked. The brass base shows some signs of wear, so I think [eventually], I’ll paint it, perhaps silver?

My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

The very next day, while shopping at Captain’s Treasures, I found a white drum shade that looked like it might be a good match for the base. When I brought it up to the register, the cashier pointed out a dent. I said, “Ohhh.” And began to have second thoughts. Priced at $8, I didn’t think I wanted to shell that much out for a shade I wasn’t sure about. Then she told me, “You can have it for a dollar.” And that, of course, decided it for me. Home it came.

My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

I’m not thrilled with the dent, and I think I’d like a slightly larger shade. But, for the moment, I’m pretty happy with how they look together.

My New Thrift Store Lamp & Shade

What do you think of my $9.00 lamp?
Bye for now,

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  1. Love the lamp color and I think the shade is great and a bargain at $1, but you might be right about a bit larger shade. Still it looks wonderful.


  2. What a bargain! Love the color of the lamp and I think painting the brass/gold silver would be perfect.

  3. Seeing the lamp, I wouldn't have taken a chance on it without the complete hardware. I'd have no idea what to do. The lamp shade looks great with the lamp (they don't match – they aren't the same color). Great finds for $9.

  4. For $1? I'm thinking the dent can be turned to the back. What if you recovered it? Silver would look fab for the base! What great finds!

  5. Love that color and a silver base would be nice. The shape of the shade is great and you can't beat a dollar for a stand-in shade even dented.

  6. It looks amazing! That lamp is just outstanding!!! I love everything about it!!! Wishing you a lovely week friend! Nicole xoxo

  7. Wow …what a bargain…and its a gorgeous colour. Im off out now to see what I can find…I hope I'm as lucky as you
    Phoebe x

  8. I'm loving the dented lamp shade! I think it's great when a perceived fault gets you a discount. For a buck I can live with a dent or another small fault. Cheers!

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