It’s a DYI Kind of Christmas

Hi everyone! The final days for Christmas preparation are here. I browsed through some of my older posts and found a few that might be helpful in a pinch–whether your time or your finances are pinched, some of these might help at the last minute. Click on the photo or text link to go directly to the specific post.


It's a DYI Kind of Christmas
I’ve been making pedestal stands in all shapes and sizes since last January. You can use thrifted wood, glass, and metal candlesticks for bases and plates, cake tins, shallow bowls, trays, and pie tins for tops. Add some cookies or candy and you have a nice gift. Check out the post for more details on how to make them.
It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

This mix holder, made from a Keurig box, would be a nice gift for a student or someone just starting out in their first apartment. In the post you can find out how to make it, then fill it with your favorite mixes. Or how about scrapbook supplies? Recipe cards?

It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

I love this red scarf? I wore it all winter. I loved the way it looks and it is snuggly warm. You can make one (or two) in about ten minutes, I promise.

Stocking Stuffers

It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

These business card holders are one of my all time favorite up-cycles. Made from TP tubes of all things. They take a little longer to make, but they sure are cheap, and everyone has them on hand. I use my business card holder all the time.


It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

Interestingly, this angel craft is my most view post–2109 page views since I posted it last December. They look lovely on a tree, on cabinet knobs, or as part of a garland–take your pick.

It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

I stumbled on burlap ornaments very similar to these on Pinterest last year and came up with my own version. I think they’re adorable, and they’re easy to make, too.

Christmas Cookies

It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

My sweet daughter, Gracie, LOVES these Italian Tea Cakes! The recipe on the post makes a large batch and they freeze very well.

Cookies: It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

These Seriously Sinful Salted Caramel Millionaire Bars are the kind of cookie that makes you wish you could eat the whole pan full. Buttery crust, caramel center, chocolate topping–what more could a girl want?


Scones It's a DYI Kind of Christmas

I cannot enter my mother’s house without a container full of these scrumptious scones. The orange and the white chocolate compliment each other perfectly. Make them. I promise you and all your loved ones with thoroughly enjoy them.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll link up to the Thrifted Merry Christmas  blog party I’m hosting along with three other bloggers. 

I’d LOVE to see your vintage Christmas!

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  1. Some great ideas, Diana. I love the business card holders. Like the birdhouse TP craft you showed earlier. I will be saving my TP rolls! I'm all done with my shopping, but haven't baked yet, and those salted caramel bars and the scones look delicious. I'll be bookmarking these recipes 🙂

  2. Love all your ideas! Just printed the recipe for the cookies to make tomorrow. Still need a few more kinds of cookies….perfect!

  3. I saw somewhere that some company was doing away with toilet paper rolls in their paper! What were they thinking? Don't they know how much we use them? LOL


  4. I'd eat a whole pan of those Millionaire bars if I dared…

    I bookmarked the recipe and plan to bake them SOON! Butter and condensed milk are two major food groups, you know!

    Have a happy day!

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