Introducing My Vintage Enamelware Price Guide

Hi everyone! Today I’m introducing the third in my series of Vintage & Antique Price Guides. You can find my brand new Enamelware Price Guide HERE.

My goal is to provide info to help determine the value of your antiques and collectibles. I’m hoping to help answer the question, “What’s it worth?”

You can find all of my Price Guides HERE.
Enamelware Price Guide Introduction

Currently the guides contain only items I’ve owned and photographed myself. Holding an item in your own hands, inspecting it and examining it closely result in the best evaluation. When an item has sold for the estimated price, I make note of that since that’s very helpful when it comes to pricing your own items.

As always, please keep in mind that my Price Guides are just that, guides. They’re designed to guide you in the right direction, not meant to be the final say on the value of a particular item.

Prices vary for many reasons: regional differences, condition, and sales venue (auction, shop, flea market, etc.), to name a few. I hope you will accept these in the same spirit with which they are intended. I enjoy sharing info that might be interesting or helpful to others, so it’s my pleasure to make them available.

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  1. Gotta check this out. I love enamelware and have quite a few pieces. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. I have a 4-pc bundle (all white enamel wear) Lg. wash basin, Sm. wash basin, soup pot, and an almost perfect coffee pot. When researching I found a like coffee pot on ebay sold for $30. Three of the four pieces have some oxidation, all four have small enamel chips missing that come normal with age and use.
    I marked the bundle for $30 a year ago and just last month reduced it to $20 on marketplace, but for local pickup. The biggest wash basin is 25″ x 20″ x 6″ which is why for the local pick up and I think that may be my problem. I’m not having any luck selling.
    I have yet to get the postage correct on ebay the one time I did I messed that up. I have not tried to do it yet again.

    1. Hi Margaret–white enamelware can unfortunately be hard to sell as it’s not as popular as most other colors. I would try pricing each piece separately on FBMP (they can be in the same listing tho) and see how that goes. I have a short ebook on ebay shipping that you might find helpful. Shoot me an email and remind me about it at

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