Introducing My Antique & Vintage Christmas Price Guide

Hi everyone! Today I’m introducing the fourth in my series of Antique and Vintage Price Guides. This one is all about a very popular area of collecting–Christmas. All four Price Guides, including this brand new Christmas Price Guidecan be found on my sidebar.

Christmas Price guide

Currently the guides contain only items I’ve owned and photographed myself. Holding an item in your own hands, inspecting it and examining it closely, results in the best sort of evaluation. When an item has sold for the estimated price, I make note of that since this information will prove helpful when it comes to pricing your own items.

As always, please keep in mind that my Price Guides are just that–guides. They’re designed to guide you in the right direction, not meant to be the final say on the value of a particular item. Prices vary for many reasons: regional differences, condition, and sales venue (auction, shop, flea market, etc.), to name a few. I hope you will accept this information in the same spirit with which it is intended. I enjoy sharing info that might be interesting or helpful to others, so it’s my pleasure to make it available.


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  1. Some of those old Santas are pretty funny! I was surprised that Shiny Brites are not worth more. I have been collecting ornaments my entire life and my favorite ones are either from my parents’ collection (OLD!) or some I’ve found at flea markets and in thrift shops. I also have a penchant for pink ones….Lord knows I don’t need another ornament. But I never let that stop me before:)

  2. Thanks for sharing your REAL price guide at Vintage Inspiration Party. It’s so good to know what people are actually paying for things. I have a load of price guides, but only use them for identification purposes because the prices aren’t exactly accurate. Love all your Christmas collectibles.

  3. Thanks so much for linking up the antique guide, I never knew there was one! good info for those who love vintage!
    Hugs Maria

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