How to Make a Wreath with Sweater Scraps

Hi everybody! Are you ready for sweater craft #5, where I use what’s left of the lovely orange, thrifted sweater I used for projects 1-4? After revealing sweater craft #4 (a jack o’lantern candy container), good friend, Donna over at Distressed Donna Down Under, quite a crafty lady herself, issued me a challenge that I could not ignore: use the sweater scraps remaining from my previous crafts to make one, final sweater craft. With a little guidance from Donna herself, I created a charming little fall wreath that’s sure to make you smile.

Sweater Scrap Wreath Adirondack Girl @ Heart
You may recall that I purchased this festive fall-colored sweater at a thrift store for a dollar. I washed it in hot water and then dried it on high in order to meld some of the fibers together and prevent it from fraying.

scraps of thrifted sweater
For this project I decided to use leftovers strips to make my wreath. I lucked out because my pile already contained several strips already, each about 2″ wide. The rest I cut to size, and there were surprisingly few little bits leftover for disposal. FYI, I didn’t go too crazy with exact measurements–don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end.

wire for sweater scrap wreath
At Donna’s suggestion, I decided to thread the scraps onto a piece of wire. I cut a piece about 24″, not knowing how much I would actually use in the end. I happened to have this coppery-colored wire, which worked nicely with the orange sweater.

How to make a sweater scrap wreath
Here you can see how I threaded the wire through the strips, make about 1″ stitches as I went. When I finished with one strip, I just threaded the next one on.

How to make a sweater scrap wreath
As you thread the strips on, you’re going to scrunch it. This will give your wreath body and dimension (technical terms for “make it look good”). Once I had threaded all the strips, I wound the ends of the wire together and then made a loop for hanging before I snipped the ends. Lastly, I embellished it with a bow and attached a pair of acorns for decoration.

close up of sweater scrap wreath
The acorns add just the perfect touch.

Sweater Scrap Wreat Adirondack Girl @ Heart
Thank you Donna for challenging me to use every last scrap of sweater remaining from my previous projects. Now that’s some serious upcycling.

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Part of a sweater scrap wreath

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    1. Thank you so much Terry!! I’m glad you’re enjoying my attempts to make the world a cuter, more vintage-y place 🙂

  1. You deserve a standing ovation! Congratulations on accepting my challenge and surpassing all expectations. Loving, pinning and sharing.

  2. Very pretty Diana … Love the acorns you added and that color !!! WOW and perfect for the Fall decorating.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Hi Diana,
    I really love this wreath and am so impressed that you made one more thing out of that sweater!
    Nothing like a blog friend challenging you to make you come up with something – and this something is so cute! Love it and have added it to my mental to do list. Would be so pretty for Christmas too…I see a red sweater inn my future! 😉
    Happy Halloween!

  4. Very cute, and such a simple concept, I think I may try a couple of Christmas wreaths…with this idea. Grins and thanks for the great share!

  5. This is such an adorable idea! My brain doesn’t seem to work this way so I always really appreciate seeing great ideas.

  6. So cute, Diana! I really love how you found a thrift store sweater and repurposed it multiple ways–so clever!

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  9. Okay, now I have one more thing to make this year! How cute did that turn out? I am loving untraditional wreaths. Especially when the cost of making them goes up and up with silks. Great idea and thanks for sharing it at “Flea Market Friday!”

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  12. Wow, you are the QUEEN of not wasting a thing! I love it! I save craft stuff and the ONLY box I don’t have yet is one labeled “pieces of string too short to save.” They usually become !) a mop for the dollhouse people, or 2) a bow on a rustic homemade card! I bet you could have saved a few ravels for hair for a red headed dh doll!

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